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“Ok, sit really, really still, baby. Can you show mommy how still you can sit?” Her big black eyes look up at me and she sweetly smiles. “I sit still,” she says as she very pointedly makes an effort to not move a muscle while she sits on the bathroom counter, little legs dangling off but completely motionless.

I thought for sure, “this is going to be so cute, plus those bangs won’t be constantly in her face anymore!” My first clue to STOP NOW should have been when I couldn’t find my hair cutting scissors. I know better. Never, ever use regular scissors to cut hair. But her bangs were completely out of control, and I had passed the point of tolerable nuisances and was zoned in on finishing business. I was just trimming the bangs so she could see again, I mean it is baby hair after all, it isn’t like there is tons and tons of it to get right. Just one little snip would do it.

I lifted the closest to hair cutting scissors pair of regular scissors as I could find and combed the bangs into position. “Oh mommy is so proud of you for sitting so still, keep sitting just like that!” “Ok, mama.” Then the second clue. “Mama, what’s you doin’?” (the almost two year old lacks some grammar skills still….) I should have stopped and explained it then. Instead I say, “just sit super still, I am going to make your hair cute!” I move the scissors into position. I start to cut slowly and deliberately to make sure I do it exactly right. My fingers slowly maneuver the two blades together and…..”Mom, nooooooo!” and she yanks her head abruptly out of my grasp and into the opposite direction, breaking every instruction to sit still and to my horror, leaving a gigantic, diagonal, ragged patch of missing hair.

I don’t think I will be posting an “after” photo….