This summer Salt Lake City has been hosting this incredible, creative, interactive pop up art experience called the Hall of Breakfast.

With a name like that…. of course I had to go. To quote Leslie Knope, “why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food??”

I cannot handle how much I’m obsessed with breakfast food, it’s THE best. When I saw all of the fun photos on instagram and found out they were extending their stay through the end of July (hint hint… if you haven’t gone yet, RUN!) we packed the family up and headed off.

I think my favorite thing about it was how they created an entire experience out of the art. It’s entirely immersive, and you’re encouraged to not just get up close and personal, but look, touch, fell, play, take pictures, and share. There are so many people that would argue that art is a dying form, it’s not worth teaching to kids in school, it’s not worth majoring in at a university, it’s not worth pursuing as a career. This pop up art shop is proof this is beyond false. I love what my friend Anna posted when she went, “maybe it’s an Instagram hot spot, but it’s clear to me that innovative, interactive and unique art spaces are what the public (and their kids) want to see and will pay for.” (PS, she is amazing and you all should go listen to her incredible podcast!)

Art is what breathes life and soul into the otherwise empty shells we call bodies. It’s what inspires creativity, innovation, and ideas. It’s what changes the world because it’s a key factor of inspiration. I hope that more interactive art experiences come around because it was so fun to feel such youthful, creative energy. Come follow me on instagram to see more photos and follow along as I seek out more artistic activities, because I’ll never stop seeking art in any form I can! Here are some of my favorite photos from the day, and a little video that recaps our experience!

Again, if you haven’t bought your Hall of Breakfast tickets yet, RUN! They initially sold out entirely before they decided to open their stay through the end of July so this is really the last chance you’ll have! It’s so worth it.

XXOO Sunny