Utah Girl
Showing some school spirit in honour of graduating

Can I just say that I am the queen of having a million random photos on my phone that I have no idea where they came from or how they got taken? And every so often I have to go through my entire phone and delete literally hundreds of random, meaningless photos and screenshots… I can’t be the only one, right? Recently I have seen other people document some of their photos on their blogs through an “iPhone Diary” type of post and I thought it was kind of fun, and since I happened to be going through my phone deleting all of the randomness anyway (really, what is going through my mind some days is beyond me…) I thought that I would just collect a few of my favorites from recently and share them!

red car
Sydney playing in her favorite outdoor toy, the little red car
double arch
Two of my favorite people and best friends when we hiked together to Delicate Arch
Stunning landscape from our Moab trip (I am not the photographer behind this one…obviously. Thanks Tony!)
Ummm, Squid? You are going the wrong way.
Belle in Disneyland, she was much more happy to see Sydney than Sydney was to see her.
moon walking
Moon Walking
stop and smell the roses
You smell those flowers, squid!!!
baby ute cheerleader
Little Ute cheerleader doing the Cha-Cha
Utah class 2015
Graduation means cute tassels