So this is something that I ALWAYS watch on Youtube and read blog posts about these so I thought I would do one of my own because, why not?

In the past I have been kind of stingy about only using products that are cheap because I’m trying to save a few dollars, but I’ve had so many problems with my skin and hair that I decided I really need to be treating my body better and that means buying products that are good quality that work well for me, whether they are cheap or expensive. My goal this year is to let love evolve me, and loving myself means taking care of myself and putting my needs first for a change! All of these products on this list are things that have made the cut that really work well for me that I’ve used all the way up and plan to buy more of. 🙂

Shiseido Gentle Cleanser

My old favorite face wash was the Clean and Clear 3-1 exfoliating cleanser because I felt like it did a good job cleaning my skin, but I always had such dry skin and big red patches. I assumed it was just because I have dry skin but when I changed face wash, it has been night and day difference! Shiseido has changed my skin and I feel like it is so much better at keeping it clean but it is really gentle so I don’t feel dry or agitated after. I have also gotten the Purifying Cleanser, but I think the Gentle Cleanser is a little nicer on my skin personally.

Find it here

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

I discovered this when my cute husband bought some for me at the rack and my hair was completely different after just a couple of washes. Seriously! I’m usually just a Suave-on-Sale gal and I’ll be honest, if I’m splurging I buy the Pantene.. but when I was pregnant with Emilia the smell of Pantene grossed me out and then Tony came home with Bed Head and I have loved it. I have a ton of hair, so I’ve already gone through several bottles and I just keep buying it because it is SO worth the money. Would you guys want a separate product review on that one? I feel like I have a lot I could talk about with how it transformed my hair, ha!

Find the shampoo here and the conditioner here

LUSH Shower Jelly – 93,000 miles

Tony’s job requires a lot of moving around and pretty physical work so I bought this shower jelly to help with sore muscles and it is dreamy. I don’t know how soothing it is for sore muscles really, but it IS super soothing on your skin and it smells amazing. It’s also nice to freeze and rub onto sore muscles when you’re in the shower, you get out of the shower feeling so relaxed and your stiff muscles feel better.

Find it here

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in the shade Queen Tiffany

I’ll be honest, this is one that I forgot that I had! I was going through my makeup a couple of months ago and it turned up and I was just like…. YASSSSSSSS! I was so excited because I forgot how great it is, and then when I put it on again I was even more impressed because it was better than I remembered even. It’s a perfect neutral shade that I feel like works well with a casual eye or a smokey eye look.

Find it here

Bath and Body Works FOCUS Eucalyptus and Tea Bath Soak

My sister gave me this for Christmas and with the surplus of baths that I take it was inevitable that this would be empty quickly. However, I’m a eucalyptus FIEND and must have it. I literally hunt it down, it’s my favorite smell! If you like eucalyptus, this stuff is a must!

Find it here

Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Wipes

When I was packing my hospital bag I watched 37,918 hospital bag videos to prep myself (raise your hand, you over-preparers!) and one of the suggestions was to bring face wipes. I’ve never really used them before but I thought the idea seemed really good so I grabbed a pack of the Burt’s Bees wipes because they’re pretty cheap, and OMG guys, they have changed my life. I literally look forward to wiping my face off every night with those. They are especially nice for those days when I don’t really have makeup on and don’t need to do a full routine and just need to wipe down. Or those nights that I’m lazy. And they smell SOOOO good. I have the green package. 🙂

Find them here

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

This is another one that I LOVE because the shade is just perfect (that never happens for me, I swear!) and it is full coverage with just the tiniest dab! Plus it is super cheap, and I love it more than any of the other concealers I have tried. I’ll definitely be buying this one again ASAP.

Find it here

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Another discovery thanks to my hospital bag packing! I’ve been using the Dove brand for years but I don’t really like dry shampoo because it makes my head itchy. At least that’s what I thought, because it turns out it is just the DOVE that makes my head itchy. It was my staple dry shampoo forever but I got a sample size bottle of this one for my hospital bag when I had Emilia (because travel size, duh!) and fell in love immediately. It blends so well with my hair and it smells freaking amazing like you’re floating away in a tropical sunset. I get the tropical sent because COCONUT EVERYTHING. I know I’ve mentioned that before on the blog, but I’ll say it again. COCONUT EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.

Find it here

Would you guys want to see more posts like this? Haha I’m not sure who really cares what products I’m using to be honest but then I’m THAT person that wants to know what everyone else uses so I thought I’d do a post and see what you think! 🙂 Happy Friday, babes!

XXOO Sunny