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So often we take advantage of the relationships with people we have around us. We have such a deep connection, such a strong bond, it almost feels invincible. What we forget is that life is delicate and beautifully fragile. It is desperately important to savor and appreciate everything we have, with everyone we share our lives with. Especially our relationships. With it being Wednesday today, I thought I would join in on Woman Crush Wednesday and talk about my sissy.What a woman crush she is! We have done all the regular sister stuff: fought over clothes, cried during sad movies, shared our deepest secrets….. but we have also done a fair share of getting into trouble and being each others back ups. She is both the good angel AND the bad angel on each of my shoulders and I wouldn’t trade her for a second. So here is my tribute to you, dear sister, for singing opera in the car with me, lying about us practicing the piano, stealing my clothes, building bug homes, being the best student in my “reading” classes I would force you to learn from me (I was pretty smart at 9 years old afterall), complaining about life with me, talking in our silly language, and holding my hand whenever I need it! We were just two girls playing in a cupboard, and look where we are now! For everyone else out there, get inspired about the people in your life and show them how much they mean to you!

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We were the best dress up queens!

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Crazy hair and….oh look! Tre gets included in this picture!

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Sis was obviously not too pleased about her hand-me-down ladybug outfit…
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Oh look, Tre sneaks in again!

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Why would I make this face? I was such a weird child.

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