Is anyone else completely obsessed with Lagertha?? I saw a post on the Barefoot Blonde Hair blog for this amazing hair style that was inspired by Lagertha and the other women in Vikings, and I just HAD to try it out! And I’m kind of bummed that we don’t get to dress up EVERY day like Lagertha. Anyways… I thought I would share this look with a brief little how-I-did-it summary 🙂

I started with my hair because it takes SO long to do. The original tutorial recommended curling using a round curling iron, but I wanted something that looked a little more unkept and messy, so I opted for a three barrel iron. I curled all of my hair using the three barrel iron, then used a find comb to part my hair on the far right side of my head. I split the remaining hair on my head and did two tight dutch braids until I reached the back of my head, then I stopped adding hair to the dutch braid and just made it a regular braid down the rest of the length of hair. I did NOT use any elastics, instead I used hairspray and teases the ends of the braids. I highly recommend this because it gives it a very cool look, which I really wanted, but it is a PAIN to get out haha.

Then I did one big, kind of loose dutch braid for the main braid to pull the hair out of my face a bit, and made sure to pull it apart unevenly. I added several other three strand braids around my head randomly and teased out the ends of each braid.

For my makeup, I used a black eyeshadow to coat my eyelid and create kind of a sharp line goring across my lid from my inner eye to the outer edge of my eyebrow. Then I took a sponge and smudge it around my eye, and used some liquid black liner to paint random and uneven smears around the eyeshadow. I used a pinkish dark neutral color on my lips, and left a streak of gold in the middle of my bottom lip. I actually didn’t have any lipstick that was gold and ran out of time to go buy some, so this is totally eye shadow! Ha! Always improvise!

I added a few nordic looking details with some black paint liner, and called it good! I wore black leather (faux of course!) leggings with a long sleeve blue shirt, boots, and a strip of faux fur around my shoulder. If you get a chance to do this, I really recommend getting like a brown leather vest or bustier, but I didn’t have time to add that this year.

I hope everyone had a happy halloween!! On a side note, I did a guest post on This Mommy Is Real and talked about some of my experience with postpartum depression and how it affected my self esteem and physical body. Make sure to go check it out if you are interested, and share if you know ANYONE that might need it. We are all struggling with our own battles, and it’s important to share so we can help each other! You can find the post here.

XXOO Sunny

Annnnndd one more photo for good measure. This is my cute friend Nikki, she is an amazing Cyborg. Pretty sweet, right? She’s cooler than I’ll ever be, ha!