My girls are completely obsessed with animals (especially Emi!) and love animal shows, so when Disney+ came out last year with so many great movies and shows to watch for little animal lovers…. Our world was ROCKED. 

I mean there are just SO many amazing Disney shows with animals, aren’t there?? 

So I asked the girls what their favorite Disney animal shows are and why, and I have a bunch of my own favorites, too! I took the list and compiled it all together here for you! 

For your little ones that love animals (or for the kids-at-heart!), here are some of the best Disney movies and TV shows on Disney+ that you’ll want to see for yourself!

The Lion King

Both the cartoon and the new real-life adaptation are stunning. The music is totally original and makes my heart swell, and you get to see all of the classic animals that roam the African savannahs! I love that about this show! My girls both learned all of the African animals from watching this and The Lion Guard on repeat. 

The Lion Guard

Speaking of the Lion Guard….. This is personally one of my favorite Disney Jr. shows to watch. I love kids movies, but kid tv shows often grate on my nerves haha.  As fun as some of the others are, I get really tired of hearing Sofia’s voice haha. This one is different! I love the Lion Guard and that it always teaches principles of respect towards nature and each other. Plus they always have the best, catchy songs!

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

These are both my very favorite under-the-sea movies in existence! I’ve always been so fascinated with underwater life, I’m convinced I’m a mermaid at heart (who else?), and I think the story in both of these movies is really touching and heartwarming. 


Ok I admit, I wasn’t convinced on this one at first… but my two girls LOVE Bluey! It’s all about this cute little dog. They get into mischief and fun, and the episodes are quick and perfect for some of the younger kids. 

Lady and the Tramp

Speaking of cute dogs, Lady and the Tramp, the live-action movie!! Yet another one that I was not really convinced would be very good, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by! I think this one is a little better for slightly older kids (my toddler is completely disinterested), but perfect for those kiddos that love all things dog. 


I’m not sure if I have ever cried harder in a Disney movie than while watching Zootopia! It tackles so many issues, from prejudice and bias, to racism and feminism, to crime and honesty. It’s so flawlessly done. I love that it teaches kids they can be whoever they want to be, and follow their dreams, regardless of who they are or what their background is. It’s beautiful. 

A Bug’s Life

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and it’s still one of my favorites! I think it gives a fresh perspective on the roles bugs play in the environment in an easy-to-understand format, and the music is great. It’s a little non-traditional compared to the typical “animal” movie, since the animals are all insects! Super cute! 


This one is a little intense for younger kids and definitely more emotion stirring, but it’s done so well and has a beautiful  story. My oldest loves this one. 

The Crimson Wing 

A documentary all about flamingos, if you’ve got a babe that loves the color pink, they’ll love learning all about these pink birds! 

Unlikely Friends 

Ok about this… hold onto your heart if you love animals because I serioulsy couldn’t stop “awe” ing at the tv the entire time. It’s sooo sweet! It’s a documentary and shows off all sorts fo animal pairs that you wouldn’t think could be friends, and yet they are. So cute! 

Born in China

This one is my favorite documentary of all of them, and there are quite a few on Disney+ now! I love nature documentaries in general, but this particular one follows a handful of animals (specific to China geographically) as they are born and how they grow and live. It’s narrated by Jim Halpert… oops, I mean John Krasinski… and I think he does an amazing job of making it entertaining. 

Ok I know Disney Plus literally has everything right now, and they add more and more daily! For you with animal lovers in your family, what are your favorite animal shows?? I need to add some more to our list! 

(On a side note before we go, if you’re a Disney lover and an animal lover, you’ve GOT to add Disney’s Animal Kingdom to your list of places to go! I wrote a post about all the things you should have on your Animal Kingdom bucket list here, be sure to check it out!)

XXOO Sunny