I’m one of those people that always seems to need to “find myself” but if there is one thing I absolutely KNOW about who I am, it’s that I have a deep and undying, passionate love for all things Harry Potter. What can I say? I was part of the generation that dressed up just to go to the book release at Barnes and Noble and waited for hours in line at the movie premiers (before assigned seating was a thing). I grew up with him. Every year (about) I would be giddy with anticipation as the new book was released, every year I grew up and so did he.

Now that Loot Crate has a Wizarding World box of course that means I need to treat myself 😉 Right? This has officially been running for a year now, and I got my first ever box last September (you can find that unboxing post here) 🙂 I loved it so much that I decided to get another one. They ship out every other month, so it should have been November’s box but there were a few shipping complications and so most people didn’t get their box until mid-December. Of course I’m part of that bunch. Boo, Loot Crate… not your finest hour. I will admit that I was pretty bugged by this but at least it came eventually and I finally got to unbox the goodness! This month’s theme was SECRETS OF THE WIZARDING WORLD and had some really fun stuff! We did a little unboxing video which is featured on my husband’s channel here (go subscribe cuz we’re losers and it’s great haha), and I’ve linked the video below. HAPPY LAST WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS, BABES!

xoxo Sunny