I’ve become totally obsessed with interactive pop up art museums! Besides the obvious ‘gram worthy qualities, I really think that they’re such an amazing way for artists to express themselves in a way that stirs other people’s creativity and imagination! It’s a beautiful thing, really.

We’ve been lucky because I feel like normally there aren’t a ton of these types of events that come to Utah, but we’ve had a few over the last year or so! We hit up the Hall of Breakfast last year, the Pumpkin Nights exhibit (which I’m stoked to hear is returning this fall to SLC!), and the Dreamscapes exhibit earlier this year. I’ve loved them all!

Love Letters was a really cool interactive pop up art museum all based on the concept of using words and letters as art! Here are some of our favorite photos from the day. If you’re in Salt Lake area- it’s definitely worth a visit! Such a great place for kids especially to get involved with art!

XXOO Sunny