Let’s just start by saying how sad I am that this is an exclusive bath bomb for Mother’s Day because I loved this one way more than I should have! It was such a pretty, bright, vividly colorful bomb to watch fizzle out! My first impression is that it looks very youthful and kind of childish since it has the big star pattern all over it. It’s definitely more of a fun bomb rather than luxurious, however the price point is excellent because it was only $5.95 USD which for a Lush bomb is on the lower end of the cost scale.

Typically the cheaper bath bombs fizz out pretty quickly, but the staying power of this one was pretty great! It took more than 5 full minutes, with the little gold start kind of melting for a long time afterward. AS I mentioned, it’s extremely bright and colorful so it’s a really pretty bomb to watch, especially if you like pink and blue. The water turns a kind of fuchsia-y purple color and it has gold glittery swirling around so it actually reminded me of the Karma bubble bar a bit, which is my favorite bubble bar.by far!

The one drawback to this bomb is just that I personally wasn’t totally in love with the scent. I appreciated the citrus-y grapefruit hints but it had a kind of dirty floral smell somehow. I’m not sure if it is the petitgrain oil that is inside it or what it was, but it just kind of had a wet flower smell or something haha, does that description just do it for you? 😉 I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it. With how pretty it is when it fizzes out and how incredibly silky the water feels after, plus the low price point, the scent was a very small drawback that I’d totally overlook and purchase this one again. I’m so bummed it’s only exclusive for Mother’s Day this year, but who knows, maybe the Lush Kitchen will do a release of this some time or they’ll have this one again next year!

XXOO Sunny