This is just a little reminder that sometimes, when you get caught up in the harshness of grueling routines and busy days followed by more busy days, you need to take a minute to think of something for yourself. Something fun. A small, little, 30 second recharge. An overstated statement, I know, but it really is the little things that can give you just enough happiness and hope to get through the hard things.  We all have bad days (having struggled with anxiety and depression both, I certainly have had my fair share of them, too) but if we let ourselves enjoy a few of the moments when we have those days, they suddenly don’t seem so bad. They get easier. We feel less stressed. Maybe the best thing about that day was the twenty minutes you got to spend by yourself on your drive home from work. Maybe your favorite song came on the radio three times that day.

The point is to find something anything about every day, good and bad, to let ourselves enjoy. Maybe there aren’t any enjoyable things that happen you say? Well, my answer is to go out and FIND something! For the most part, I am totally a ten year old child and find joy in ten year old child things. Like blowing out wishes on dandelions or tossing my hopes and dreams through a “lucky” coin into a fountain. It takes half a second to make a wish and for some reason, it never fails to give me a small flutter of hope or a smile, even on the worst of the worst days. And if you aren’t the type of person who sees a shooting star and dreams? Well find something else that gives you happiness to do. Maybe you like to break the tips of pencils. Or throw small rocks to the ground and watch them shatter. Or listen to that one song everyone thinks is annoying and you secretly love over and over again. Or read fluffy romance novels. Whatever floats your boat. Just give yourself something that makes YOU happy, that reminds you there are good things everywhere, all of the time, even in the worst situations and on horrible days. And just so everyone out there knows, I still haven’t found a single time where making a wish didn’t make me feel better! Now go find some dandelions!