Minimal Beauty Routine written by Abbie Snape from The Little Blonde Life

I have just come back from traveling for 9 months and throughout the whole trip I was lugging around this huge toiletry bag and I thought enough is enough! When I came home I decided I really needed to adapt a more minimal lifestyle. When I was traveling I also became really aware of the amount of packaging we all produce so I thought this would be a perfect time to overhaul my beauty routine and make a change. After a few months of trial and error here is a list of all the products I have in my beauty cabinet now and how I use them.


  • Facial Soap
  • Coconut Oil
  • Reusable Cotton Pads and Face Cloths
  • Face Mask

In the past I would use a cleanser, toner and disposable face wipes. I also used disposable cotton pads and face scrubs twice a week. Its embarrassing when I think back to how much waste I was producing and how much money I wasted on buying products. 

I now just use good old fashioned soap with a warm cloth. I love this one from lush as its packaging free and it also leaves my face feeling really clean whilst calming any redness. 

In the evening when I have makeup on that I need to remove I use coconut oil with a reusable cotton pad or face cloth. This product works like a dream and its amazing for my super dry skin. My waterproof mascara literally slides off my face when I apply the coconut oil. I love that it comes in a glass jar too and with the reusable cotton pads and wipes I use I’m creating no waste whatsoever. 

Instead of using a face scrub with micro beads that harm the environment I use soap and a face loofah pad from the bodyshop which works perfectly and my skin feels super smooth afterwards. Again it creates much less waste than throwing away the empty tubes of face scrub.

And when my skin is feeling a little groggy I buy a Lush fresh face-mask if I’ve broken out, they also come in reusable packaging and you can collect the pots up to get a free gift!


  • Face Cream
  • Eye Cream
  • Night Serum

Now onto creams, I used to have a cupboard full of all lotions and potions, half of which I never used or they didn’t agree with my skin-type. I decided to gift these all to my friends and family and purchase 3 products I know I love and have given me results in the past. I am concerned about ageing so in this section I struggled to find minimal packaging items but when I was shopping I wanted everything to be cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

In the day I use the Liz Earle Super Skin moisturiser and Super Skin eye cream and in the evening I use the Super Skin serum. These 3 products work perfectly for me together and I found that QVC do a super cheap bundle for these which you can shop here. If you aren’t too concerned about ageing then Lush is great shop for moisturisers and creams that all come in reusable packaging.

And thats it! Thats my minimal beauty routine and wow does my bathroom cabinet look much better. Its great looking into your cupboard and knowing you use everything in there and you love all of the products. Ive also saved myself so much money as I’m not impulse buying any skincare items anymore.

I would love to hear your minimal beauty tips, tricks and products you love in the comments. 

Thank you so much, beautiful Abbie, for sharing this wonderful guest post about your minimal beauty routine on my blog!! Everyone go check out her blog, The Little Blonde Life, for amazing beauty, travel, and lifestyle content – and find her on instagram because her feed is dreamy!

XXOO Sunny