I never understood what the big stigma was with Mondays being terrible, Wednesdays being hump day, and Fridays being the best day of the week as a teenager, they all just felt like days of the week and each day felt like a new opportunity- I was excited about every day. WELLLLLL let’s just say that after strapping a little more “life experience” under my belt, my thoughts have definitely changed. Mondays are rotten, I hate Tuesdays even more (seriously, they are like the Monday that won’t end), and Wednesday I finally see a glimmer of hope that Friday is coming, and Friday night is the best feeling in the world. As I struggled with my depression, this was magnified by a million percent, when Monday would roll around I would feel utterly defeated, like I wanted to die, and there was nothing left to live for (I know, I know, it is quite dramatic!) Now, I have come quite a long way since then and feel like I PROBABLY have a more normal perspective on weekdays now (jokes, but really!), but I find that sometimes at the beginning of the week, you just need a little pick-me-up to get you through! So, I have decided that from now on, I am going to do a little post during the beginning of the week that is focused on something purely bright/happy/inspiring/etc. and spread a little bit of sunshine to brighten up the week. I figured with my blog being called, “Sunny With A Chance Of Sass,” some Monday Sunshine just felt appropriate!

For the first ever Monday Sunshine, I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to share…and it suddenly just came to me! Lately as I have been going along my fitness journey (you can follow along more on my insta!) and still struggling occasionally with my depression, I have found myself coming back to this particular quote over and over- so it only seemed fitting to share it with everyone!

“Every day, you are gifted with a glorious sunrise and a glorious sunset. Life is happening. You are alive. What more do you want?”


I just love this. Sometimes we forget to stop and look at the sunrise, the sunset, the fact that we have a body and a breath of life, and just be happy about being alive on an earth so incredibly beautiful. My challenge this week is for everyone reading this to find five minutes each day, whenever you can manage, and spend it clearing your mind and focusing on just BEING. Meditate and reflect on that beautiful knowledge, and use it as a little dose of sunshine to get through each day!