Let’s just take one minute to appreciate the fact that it feels like we just celebrated new years and here we are sliding into February?? How did this happen?! I hope you all have had a great January so far and that next month is even better than the last!

Lately I’ve been really inspired by things that empower creativity. As I’ve spent the last few minutes (ahem…hours) on pinterest tonight I’ve found SO many things that I just love and now my mind is spinning with bright pictures and pretty things, which makes me infinitely happy. Anyone else feel like they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and get trapped in the wonderland that pinterest turns into sometimes?

Maybe my addiction is a little over the top…where’s the closest pinterest-addicts-anonymous I wonder…

Anyways… As I’ve been sitting here tonight a thought suddenly struck me and I’m just too excited to think about it any longer and had to put it into action. Like today. Right now. So here I am! I am going to start creating moodboards and share them in a series post called Mood and Vibe. Something I love about mood boards is that it takes an idea for something creative and combines various elements to create a certain feel (a mood or a vibe even? See what I did there?) that can then inspire creativity in a direction.From a creative standpoint, I know it’s sometimes hard to tap into that inspiration and moodboards are a great way to help with that. And since I love them so much, I just really want to share! Is that nerdy? Ha. I don’t care if it is!

So welcome to my very first Mood and Vibe post! I’ve really been in love with the blush pink, gold glitter, and turquoise accent stuff lately and combined them all into this board today. All of these images were pulled from my Pinterest account, so to see sources and find what other things have been inspiring me, be sure to check me out there!

Monday Moods 1





PS – I’ll also be sharing these on my instagram, along with other inspiring things and my daily shenanigans, so be sure to follow along!