As I’ve started to use instagram more and more I’ve gotten really into photo editing, but here’s the thing…I’m not really an expert. I’m not a trained photographer, I’m not a skilled photoshop master, and I certainly do NOT know what I’m doing. Pretty much ever. In my life. In any area… 😉 But I do love beautiful feeds and while I want to keep things real and authentic with my posts, I also want to have something beautiful that I’m proud of. I want my instagram feed to be a place people come and feel inspired.

Why Lightroom Presets?

I started doing some research and discovered the magic of presets for Lightroom. The best thing about them is that they require very little knowledge about photo editing, you just need to know how to use your phone and learn some basics. After that, it’s all practice!

It seems like everyone is selling their Lightroom presets now so it’s really easy to find some that you like and on a variety of budgets. Photo editing is a lot like fashion, there are styles that come in and out. right now very bright, airy, warm styles are trending so a lot of bloggers I follow cater their presets for that specific look. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look, but I also wanted to have my own style to give my feed a curated look that was slightly different from the typical ones you see.

What makes Moxie Presets different?

I’ve been following Moxie, a fashion blog by the adorable Christine Bennett, for some time now and the thing that I LOVE about her feed is that it doesn’t matter what photo she posts, I instantly know it’s hers. She has a very specific look and it’s beautiful. Don’t believe me? Check out her feed for yourself. Imagine my joy when I discovered she sold her presets for Lightroom mobile… I would hazard a guess that my neighbors’ ears are still ringing from my high-pitched squeals of excitement.

She sells a few different packs but my all-time favorites that I use the most are the Santorini pack. I use a handful of other presets as well from other places (one I even made myself) when the photo calls for it, but I would say 90% of my photos are edited using one of the Santorini pack presets by Moxie. They are really easy to use, all you need to do is download the Lightroom app for your phone (it’s free!), then you download your purchased files and basically copy and paste the settings onto your photos.

Christine is amazing and also did a step-by-step tutorial video to walk you through the process if you need a little extra help.

Here is the same image edited with the four different presets that come in the Santorini pack. 








Choosing the pack that is right for you

As you can see, all of these photos have a slightly different vibe depending on the preset being used. I very frequently choose one of these four (like 90% of my photos like I said!) because I love the cool, muted tones each of these portrays. I’ve always been a lover of things that are beautifully understated yet striking, and I feel like this pack does just that for me. The other packs (which I also love) that Moxie sells are the SUMMER PRESETS pack and the ITALIA PRESETS pack. All three packs come in a Mobile and a Desktop version so you can choose what is best for you. You can find all of them here.

The thing I love about all of these packs is they all play well together, you just choose the preset that fits the photo best and then you can make minor adjustments so the photo matches the look of your feed, giving you a swoon-worthy, completely unique instagram feed. <3 The Moxie presets are also incredibly affordable compared to so many other presets being sold right now. I’ve seen some of my favorite influencers selling their presets for over $100! The Moxie presets are only $30 so they are a killer deal. For new or small bloggers and influencers looking to up their game, it’s an absolute no-brainer. 🙂

Let me know if you try them out or tag me on instagram so I can come see! I love to see how other people get creative!

XXOO Sunny