Oh hey baby daddy… I see you <3

I’m FINALLY getting around to posting these pictures from a few weeks ago when we went down to St. George and I had done kind of a partial fishtail accent braid. This is actually one of my favorite styles lately because it is SO easy, takes less than half of the time as a normal fishtail braid, and I feel like it is a really nice, casual way to dress up straight down hair. I just started to do a normal fishtail from the top, I made sure to dutch braid it in so that it kind of held its place for the top couple of inches and then I braided it down to about my chin. Then I just banded it and pulled it apart like crazy to make it look much more thick and messy than it was when it started haha, just call me a con artist for hair! For people that do braids and don’t pull them apart, you guys are missing out because it seriously transforms your braid and takes it next level. Even when I leave a braid skinny because it is the look I want sometimes, I still pull it apart a little just to kind of give it that thick shape. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but pulling the braid apart is my number one trick for making a braid look amazing. It just gives it that extra edge that takes an average looking style and turn it into WOW factor status!

XXOO Sunny