In case you’ve missed it the once or twice (or 500 times!) that I’ve mentioned it, I love playing this game. It’s infuriating really, I don’t know what bugs me more, how addicted I am to it, or the fact that I let Sydney play on my account and her outfits always get more hearts than mine do! Like… WHY? You’re 5 years old and I’m a grown up- therefore my fashion sense should be IS better. Right?

I mentioned in THIS post how I’ve come to really get into fashion lately and I think what I love about this game is that it showcases all the newest trends. For a newbie to the fashion world like me, it’s the perfect way to kind of learn about it and of course, it plays to my creative love as well! Since I’ve been playing it for several months now, I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve come up with that have helped me get my highest scores and show you guys what some of my looks have been!

TIP #1- Throw Out the Rules

Everything you think you know about fashion? Throw all the rules out! This game is not about following the typical styles for what  “goes together,” it’s about getting CREATIVE. It is ok to mix colors and patterns and styles to see how they look and what you come up with!

TIP #2- Do the Jet Set Challenges MULTIPLE Times

So this might be a lame on for some of you veterans of Covet out there… but I had NO idea that you could play the Jet Set challenges multiple times to get a better score, and of course when you get a better score it improves your overall style score and helps you level up to earn diamonds!

TIP #3- Do the Series Challenges!

Series challenges usually have a set of like 5 or 6 challenges that run every day, and if you do them all you win awesome prizes. Most of the time they are a cool hair accessory, which is amazing because they charge you for them otherwise which is totally lame- so doing the series challenges and earning them for free is a huge win!

TIP #4- The More Creative, the Better

I’ve found that on challenges where I throw things together that seem to be kind of weird or different, I almost always score higher. Truthfully, I think it’s the reason my 5 year old gets more likes on her outfits because she’s much more open minded about outfit styles and puts things together I wouldn’t have even dreamed of.

TIP #5- Join a Fashion House

This is another thing I had no idea existed until very recently, and I love being part of a fashion house because I can actually ask for advice on things first before I enter the challenge! Plus you can borrow items from other people in your fashion house, which is great for when you’re running low on cash or diamonds.

TIP #6- Earn Free Diamonds

Covet has all sorts of partner companies that will allow you to earn free diamonds by shopping with them or assisting them in some type of service such as taking a survey. If you already online shop this is a great way to earn extra diamonds.

TIP #7- Contrast Your Look from the Background

Your eye is automatically drawn to sharp contrast, so if you have the option to design your outfit so that it has a high contrast in comparison with the background your chances of having voters choose your look improves. For example if the background is very dark, you might choose a white outfit. When a voter is clicking through and voting very quickly they often don’t take time to really look at the whole outfit, so creating one that will draw their eye first is a huge benefit.

TIP #8- Pay Attention to Colors

This is something I’ve been doing ever since I got my personal colors and style evaluated a few weeks ago, but I try to match skin and makeup tones so that they compliment the outfit well. It gives the look a more cohesive feel and is visually more appealing I believe, and since I’ve started doing this I’ve noticed my overall style score has been improving by quite a bit!

Those are just a few of the tips I have, but I’m just a newbie still! I know people that have been playing for years and I can’t wait to get to that level because ALL THE HAIR hahaha. So many cute styles! Here are some of my top rated looks that have gotten a full 5 star mark.

Some of the might be Sydney’s…. who can say, really? 😉

***All of these photos are saved from MY account on Covet Fashion, created by Covet Fashion***

XXOO Sunny