I initially intended to post this particular post yesterday…….but the day got the better of me. Whoops! Better late than never, right?? Every year in January people around the world gather together and make new years goals and resolutions. I feel like it is pretty safe to say that many people would agree with me that a lot of those resolutions fall through by February. This year I decided that I was going to FINALLY lose weight and get fit and healthy again (anyone else with me on that?) But, I fell into the nasty trap called “procrastination” and pretty much was defeated by January 3rd. **hanging my head in embarrassment and doing the walk of shame**

I became overwhelmed with how far off track I have gotten with my fitness and health, and my goals just seemed completely unreachable, so after some thinking I decided that I was just going to try and eat healthier when I thought about it and just leave the rest to take care of later when I had more time and energy to really focus on losing weight. Right now i am working full time, doing school at time and a half (ahem, 16 credits. Why did I do that?!), running my own business and blog, and playing mommy full time. I feel like I deserve a break, right? (jokes, but really) So I figured that in a few months when I finish school, I will have some more time on my hands and I can focus on my health then. I was good with this decision for about two weeks. And then I saw two quotes, back to back.

Life Is Short. Don’t Be Lazy.

Followed by the second quote….

Life Isn’t A Practice Run. It is the REAL THING.

And I don’t know why, but for some reason they both really got to me. ;Because life IS short, and it is NOT a practice. It was a true moment of epiphany like I have never experienced before in my life. This is the only life I am ever going to have, do I really want to spend it by being unhappy with myself, how I look, and how I feel? Do I want to spend my life watching everyone else enjoy themselves around me and be unable to participate because of my weight or my health? Do I want to experience life by watching it on television from my couch because I am too lazy to go and do things myself? This is my ONLY shot at life. It is the only time I will ever be this age or have the opportunities I have now.

As I thought about all of these things I knew that something had to change. I want to go out and DO things. I want to be healthy enough and fit enough to go do things. I want to LIKE how I feel, and I want to feel proud of myself. This is my only shot at life and I want to spend it being as happy as I can. Being healthy and fit is a choice, and I have spent the last few years not focusing on that decision. It is not about dieting and exercising until I lose the weight, then going back to old ways, it is about changing my ENTIRE LIFESTYLE, FOREVER.

Trust me, it sounds easier than it is. It is so easy to write those words and think I will follow through, but the key is to ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH. For the first time in my life I am going to follow through on changing my lifestyle to be healthy. I want to be an example for my child. I want to healthy and fit to keep up with my active husband. I want to change because I DESERVE IT. And I have a long, long, LONG road ahead of me. I have no idea how long it will take me to reach my goals, but to help me stay on a steady course towards reaching them I am going to post about my journey, my hardships, my goals, and my progress here on my blog so that I stay accountable to someone, and be sure to check my instagram for regular updates! 🙂 I will also be sure to post any tips or tricks I learn along the way and inspiration for others who might be joining me on this journey and I totally encourage (and would LOVE) to hear any tips you guys have learned, advice you have, and about your stories and your goals!  No matter where your starting point is, we are all on this journey together and should support each other! I am excited for our future!