Now that Emilia is almost 7 weeks old, I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite products for newborn baby and mama to use that I loved so much that I consider them essentials! Of course, everyone knows you need things like diapers and clothes so I’m not including those types of things, rather, I’m talking about my very favorite products that I absolutely would recommend to everyone having a baby! 🙂 Here are the things that topped my list of favorite products (in no particular order) and why I love them!

1. Little Unicorn Deluxe Muslin Quilt

I CANNOT sing enough praises about these quilts. They are lightweight and thick enough to keep the baby warm and swaddled tight, but they’re light and the muslin fabric makes them breathable. Plus they are SOOOO soft! They are a little pricey, but worth every single penny! I know there are several companies that make similar products, but Little Unicorn has the cutest prints! Both the pineapple one and the pink flamingo one in the title picture are Little Unicorn quilts.

2. Bamboobies Boob-Ease Nipple Balm

Three words. Save. Your. Nipples. If you are a breastfeeding mommy, then likely you are going to really want a good nipple cream. The thing I love about Bamboobies is that it’s all natural and organic, so it’s completely safe for baby (which means you don’t have to wash it off and that means less work. SCORE!) and it is seriously SO soothing on those new nursing nipples.

3. White Gerber Onesies

Babies wear onesies basically every single day, and there is nothing better than classic white! It goes with everything, is beyond cute, and their perfect under every outfit to save those clothes from blowouts.

4. Burt’s Bees Face Cleansing Wipes

I don’t know about most moms, but for me, I just felt so gross all the time after having a baby. Like I constantly need a shower or something- but there’s only so many times you can clean up in a day when you’ve got a newborn and you’re a busy woman! Enter…FACE WIPES! It is so refreshing to just wipe your face down and get all the oil and everything off whenever you need to just freshen up, and it makes cleaning your face a breeze if you don’t want to do the full routine. And anything that makes my routine even slightly easier gets double points in my book.

5. The Honest Co. Baby Wash

I’m in love with the Honest Company and all of their products, but the baby wash is definitely my favorite of them all! I have sensitive skin and Sydney had sensitive skin as a baby, so I try to be really careful with products that might cause skin irritation, especially for my new baby Emilia. I have the gentle wash (and lotion to match!) and it smells SOOOOO good. Like…amazing. I’m always getting compliments on how good Emilia smells!

6. A Good Bath Soak

Ok, so this isn’t really one particular product….more like a bunch of products that a new mom should invest in when they have a baby! It’s not an easy ordeal to have a baby, and a nice hot bath filled with healing soaks like bath salts or essential oils can help with the healing process and is a major stress reliever. I’m a huge bath lover so this was an absolute essential for me! The bath bomb in this picture is called, The Hangover, and it’s from Cosset Bath and Body.

7. Solly Baby Wrap

I never tried baby wearing with my first and I really wish I had because I was missing out! I just love the bonding aspect of it. Not only that, but my baby is really cuddly and wants to be held all of the time so this helps keep her close but allows me to have my hands free. It’s so nice to be able to use the wrap when we go out too, instead of having to cart around a bulky stroller. It has been a lifesaver since starting back to work because I can have her in the wrap and still work. Especially for moms who work from home, this is a must-have!

8. Target Diapers

I just hate that diapers are so expensive, but you HAVE to have them. With Sydney, we could only ever use Pampers, and if we ever changed diapers she would leak and blow out. A bunch of people recently recommended the Target brand diapers and since we’re on a budget and they’re considerably cheaper than a lot of the name brands we decided to give them a try. Overall, I’m impressed to say the least. We haven’t had a single blow out or leak using them, and she seems to be happy and comfortable in them. Better diapers for a better price? Yes, please!

9. Jollypop Pacifiers

Emilia actually HATES a pacifier, which means we have no silence button. She will however, take one occasionally and the only one she will take is the Jollypop. The thing is a miracle worker! You can buy them off of amazon and they come in a bunch of cute colors!

I hope these recommendations help a few of you new mamas and mamas-to-be! If any of you have favorite products let me know what they are, I’d love to try them out! 🙂

XXOO Sunny