Before I start sobbing hysterically that my baby is already a year old I NEED to talk about this SNUGGLE THIS MUGGLE onesie because it’s a must have for all Harry Potter loving parents for their babies. It came with a cute little pant and hat in the Gryffindor colors (see pants in one of the throwback photos I’ve got below!) and it was SO cheap. I’m obsessed. I’m surprised my kids don’t have wardrobes limited to ONLY Harry Potter stuff to be honest. I got this outfit from Ili and Adi.

Alright, let’s commence with the sobbing.

EJ is ONE! An entire year has passed with this baby, I know every mom on earth has said this but it is so, so true. The time literally just FLIES as they grow. The days are long but the years are short, right?  I thought I would do a little recap of our first year as a family of four and touch on some of our favorite things about Emilia Jane 🙂

-Emilia is so cuddly and loving. She loves to snuggle up and is a total cuddle girl. Of course her favorites are mom and dad, she gets kind of shy around everyone else and it takes her some time to warm up, but once she does she is such a little lover!

-I’m pretty sure Emilia could have won the fattest baby cheeks award just about every single day of her life, and they only seem to be getting fatter.

-EJ loves to play peekaboo! Her favorite thing ever is to “hide” however she can (sometimes it’s just putting her face down, haha!) and then she pops back out with the sappiest grin you’ll ever see.

-There was no learning curve with the stairs with this one! I remember trying to teach Sydney how to do the stairs as a baby and it took a few good practice runs before she could do it, but the other day I started walking up the stairs and turned around and saw EJ booking it up as fast as she could. Literally in about 3 seconds flat she’d covered 5 stairs and was still on the move! Looks like it’s time to get a baby gate!

-How can I forget the day Emilia was born? By far, this is one of my most special moments with her as a mother, bringing her into this world. I’ll spare you the details here since I’ve already written up her birth story and posted the video in THIS POST.

-Emilia is kind of a funny crawler. She has two ways- either she swings one leg forward and then pulls herself forward, or she SWIMS in this weird kind of army crawl motion, but she doesn’t let that weirdness slow her at all because that girl is fast!

-I love all of my skin to skin moments that I’ve gotten to have with Emilia as a baby. I really made that my priority when she was a newborn and for that first several months and I really believe we’ve got a strong bond because of those precious moments.

-Her farts are literally the nastiest, stinkiest, loudest old man farts in the whole world. I am totally lost on the concept of how such a tiny, cute bum can produce such foul product.

-A few months ago we visited my grandparents and I got to watch them meet Emilia for the first time. I’ve pretty much cemented that in my memory forever. Nothing makes me happier than thinking about my cute grandma with my baby. Anthony caught a few of those moments on camera luckily- watch the vlog HERE.

-Emilia has really started to develop her personality. She loves to play with Little People toys, loves cheerios, loves bath time, loves her blankets, and LOVES playing with Sydney.

-Her little toe is crossed over the other toe and I’m sure when she’s a teenager she’ll hate it, but it is the sweetest thing ever and I love it. It’s just a little quirk that makes her so delicious haha.

-I never got the chance to really baby wear with Sydney, so I really wanted to try it this time with Emilia and it’s been my favorite thing ever to do with her. Together we’ve gone shopping, on walks, to festivals, to parties, to the ice castles, and more. It’s such a good bonding thing. I have the Solly wrap- you can read more about my thoughts on that in THIS POST.

-She has the prettiest little hands, they are so dainty and her nailbeds are perfect. It’s such a random quality for a baby to have haha.

-She loves to blow kisses.

-Seeing Sydney get to be a big sister for this last year and watch her evolve as she learns and grows with Emilia has been incredible to experience <3

Here are some throwback photos from the last year! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Emilia Jane!


XXOO Sunny