You know those mornings when you JUST CAN’T with your hair?? Well my 5 year old decided she had just HAD it with her bangs and decided to cut them off. And then she liked it so much she started chopping off other snips throughout her head, you know, for “texture” she said.

Like… what 5 year old knows what “texture” is in hair?!

And now her hair is pretty much unfixable, even though I took her to get it evened out so that at least the layers don’t look terrible. Those bangs though… they are Jim Carrey status from Dumb and Dumber. Plus a few patches where they are literally chopped AT the scalp so it’s like a little buzzed patch haha. Please pray for me.

My hair on the other hand, was much easier to try and fix after I ruined it the first time haha. I was actually trying to do a braided pony and had SO much product in it trying to get it to stay in place, but I was just really struggling with it and finally gave up. Since I had so much product it was easy to kind of scrunch it and curl a few random pieces to give it a good textured look, and then I just pulled part of the front section back and did a partial pull-through braid to keep it out of my face. Voila! Super simple, and thankfully I think it looked a little better than my 5 year old stylist.

XXOO Sunny