9 tips to encourage self love and personal growth

The thing I’ve discovered about personal growth is that tit happens over time with repeated trial and error as you press on. 

As a millenial….I hate this fact. Haha I’m all about the instant gratifcation life, it’s hard for me to be patient for “better things coming” in the future. Why can’t  just wake up and be the person I want to be?

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut feeling like I’m never going to get to that point, I’ll never love myself, I’ll never meet my goals, I’ll never be whoever I’m “supposed” to be- and friends, let me just say this here… these are toxic thoughts. When you start feeling like this, you’ll stop progressing and it can lead to a potential negative spiral. As much fun as it is to ride THAT particular wild spiraling tornado, thankfully there are some things I’ve found that really help me get out of the rut and continue on the journey of personal growth. 


Here are some of my best personal growth tips for getting yourself out of a rut and back on your journey to self-love and personal growth!

1- Get Inspired!

Instead of scrolling through social media playing the comparison game, start using that time to actively SEEK OUT inspiration. Find a new inspiring podcast, read a motivational book, follow creative people! I personally love the GoalDigger podcast (perfect for the boss babes out there!), the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (a must read for every woman, no matter who you are), and I love following creative people like Officially Quigley on Instagram! 

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2- Teach Yourself Something New

Babes, never underestimate the power of a good education or learning a new skill. Sometimes, all you need is a little boost of confidence that you’re smart, talented, and exceptional! Taking the time to learn something new can help you out of a rut and boost your confidence with your new knowledge. 

There are a multitude of free courses you can take, there are programs like Skillshare where you can find very inexpensive classes for just about anything, you can do your own research through Youtube or Pinterest, or you can sign up for a local class around your community. 

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3- Change up your style! 

Sometimes when you get in a rut, EVERYTHING gets into a rut, including your wardrobe. I know it sounds crazy, but when you get dressed up and put effort into your look, you will feel better and more ready for the day. Dozens of studies have shown that people who make an effort to get up and get ready are more productive. Take a minute to get creative and re-style the clothes you have, maybe pairing them differently than you would have normally would to change up your look. 

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With a new look, you’ll feel like a new woman! 

4- Quiet Your Mind

Personal growth can be uncomfortable and stressful, but it is necessary for us to bloom. Taking time regularly to meditate forces your body and mind to rest from the stress, giving it the break it needs to then later perform better. Regularly having quiet time or meditation will help your batteries re-charge and help you to focus on the personal growth you’re achieving.

5- Have a brainstorm session with yourself

Tell me, what do you love about your life? What do you wish you could change? If you had a dream lift to do anything and be anything, what would that look like? What things make you HAPPY? Sit down with yourself and write it all out, girl. And I’m talking PEN AND PAPER writing. There is something about writing it out that helps your brain to organize and rmemeber it, so get all your thoughts out on paper and brainstorm yourself a plan with action items to reach your goals! 

6- Change up your work-out 

Moving your body is therapeutic and necessary to a healthy lifestyle, but I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not the type that works out for fun. Ha! Whether you’re an avid every single day exerciser or brand new to the exercise game, it’s important to change up your routine. If you’re normally a runner, try a dance class! Do you love lifiting weights? Try swimming. Change up your routine to get your body in motion! 

A side note since we’re talking about working out- if you’re curvy and looking for the perfect pair of workout leggings then THIS POST is for you!

7- Start building a new habit

Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and start working on building a new habit! Maybe you want to be someone that reads for an hour every day, or you want to drink more water, or you want to grow your online business. Take the time and effort to turn your goals into more than just action items, turn them into part of your lifestyle by forming them into habits!

8- Stop looking back at the past

Enjoy the memories, but it’s time to be present TODAY and move forward. One of my favorite quotes lately is:

“Your new life is going to cost you your old one.” -Alexi Panos

It couldn’t ring more true, but things never change if things never change, so to move forward we need to start doing things differently and stop looking back. 

9- Stop focusing on the things you can’t change and start making goals to change the things you can. 

Does this one need more explanation than that?

10- Invest in Yourself 

If there is anything to take away from this, it is that YOU ARE WORTH IT. Growth comes at all levels and speeds, and girl, you DESERVE to grow. Do what it takes to get there and invest in yourself. 

You are worth your spending your time on. You are worth spending your money on. You are worth spending your energy on. Invest in yourself and your personal growth. Take those classes, buy that new outfit to help boost your confidence (SS Molassy anyone?) Fail again and again at a new project until you succeed. You are absolutely worth it.  

“Growth is uncomfortable because you have never been here before, you’ve never been this version of you. So give yourself a little grace and breathe through it.”

-Kristin Lohr

I hope you find some of these personal growth tips helpful, whatever stage you are at on your personal growth journey! I want to mention that all of the outfits in the photos here are from Sweet Sassy Molassy, and I’m loving the summer vibes! Be sure to check them out and buy a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself because you freakin’ deserve it! You can use code HEYSUNNYJESS to take 15% off your first order, too!

XXOO Sunny