Whoever said blondes have more fun clearly didn’t try rose gold hair because I had way more fun with rose gold hair than should have been allowed! 

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink but having had bad luck trying to spice up my hair color in the past, I was pretty hesitant. Let’s not talk about the horror stories I’ve got from trying to change my hair myself, I’ve learned my lesson. Thou shalt not let anyone (especially thyself) touch thy hair except the trusted professional haircare provider.

I’ve considered talking to my hair gal about doing pink before, but ultimately I also didn’t want to do something permanent because I’ve always had one of those corp. type jobs where I should probably look “professional,” and so I kind of just put the teenage dreams of pink hair into the back of my mind.

And then…… it happened. Amber Fillerup (Barefoot Blonde) posted about this new rose gold hair tint that was temporary. Of course “temporary” hair spray in my mind is synonymous with paint-your-hair-flaming-red-for-your-pennywise-costume-from-the-halloween-store spray, so I kind of anticipated that the product would be another one of those chalky sprays that gums up your hair and makes it all stiff and weird, but in her pictures it didn’t LOOK like that… I was intrigued.

I did some digging and discovered the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint spray- aka make-all-my-teenage-dreams-of-pink-hair-come-true spray!

Next question: who do I need to call to get some of this stuff into my hair, stat?! 

Turns out you don’t need to call anyone, they sell it at Target. 🙂 No surprise there, when in doubt the answer to any question is ALWAYS Target. Kristin Ess actually sells a bunch of her amazing products at Target, and at the time I’m writing this article, I’ve noticed that most Targets have an end display full of her stuff right now. It’s all soooo pretty. Even the packaging is pretty, and as a marketing nerd that just tickles me pink. (See what I did there? Tickles me… PINK?! Because pink hair spray? Laugh, it’s funny.)

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen my stories (it’s still in the hair highlight) from when I was trying out the rose gold hair tint and you can kind of see the process I used. It’s actually really simple, you basically spray it on between shampooing and conditioning your hair and leave it in for a few minutes while in the shower, then wash it out and voila! Pink poodle status!

I chose to towel dry my hair just a bit before applying the spray so that it stuck and the color was a little bit brighter pink, but if you leave your hair completely wet you can get that lighter rose gold hair color.

The bottle says the color lasts about 3 washes, which for me was not entirely true, but it was still very temporary. I had pretty bright pink for the first 2 washes, and then with the third wash it definitely faded quite a bit but my hair was still very definitely light pink.

The color really took to my highlights (because they were treated hair, whereas the rest of my hair is virgin hair that I don’t dye) and those are what took the longest to wash out. By the fourth wash the color had for the most part come out and by the fifth wash it was gone. You can tell in some of the photos where my treated hair stayed pink and myvirgin hair faded quickly so I was blending pink AND blonde for a bit there, ha! Because I only wash my hair once or twice a week, it took about 2 1/2 weeks total for the color to be totally gone although I really only had bright rose gold hair for the first week.

I will say that I think it would really only work on blondes and lighter hair colors, we tried some of the extra spray on Sydney’s hair and it didn’t show up at all. I’ve seen some on pictures on instagram of people with light brown hair that used the spray, but I didn’t feel like the color was very vibrant on my darker blonde hair so I can’t imagine that it would work very well on colors any darker than that unfortunately.

As far as the quantity, I feel like someone with short or medium length hair might have potential to get two uses out of the spray depending on if they are ok with using slightly less product and going for a lighter rose gold hair color each time. I have a lot of hair and it’s long, so I used almost an entire full bottle and it seems like it was able to cover the majority of my hair.

I will also say that you can plan to wash down your shower because the spray get freaking everywhere. Luckily it washes pretty easy but that was something I totally didn’t plan on happening, ha! I mean I guess if I had common sense I could have seen that coming… at least it smelled good though. 🙂

Overall I was super stoked with the whole experience. The spray is only $12 (SCORE on that value!) and it’s a super fun way to shake things up. I feel like it would be really fun to do for maybe a concert or party, or even just to do some cool, rad pictures? I definitely plan on purchasing again in the future.

It’s also a really good idea for a Christmas gift or a fun stocking stuffer. There is a cute gift set for like $14 (I think!) right now that includes the spray and a couple of cute pins that would be really cute to wrap up. I can imagine it’d be a  perfect gift for someone shopping on a budget or someone that needs a unique gift idea.

Here are some more photos we took so you can see how the rose gold hair looked overall! Let me know what you think about the rose gold hair trend!

And just a reminder that this is me in real life…. here is a screenshot that I accidentally took when trying to make a video. Guys, I’m winning at life. I’m a model. I’ve found my calling. Hire me.

XXOO Sunny