Because nothing says FUN like holding a 2000 degree flaming toy in front of your baby … but she loved it! For the fourth of July I always try to do my hair in some kind of fun style I don’t normally do, I don’t know why but it’s kind of become a tradition! This year, I went for space buns. I’m loving the new double bun trend and seeing how other women rock their space buns.

I think the thing that appeals to me most about space buns, besides the amazing name because #hello I’m a nerd at heart, is how youthful and flirty they are. It’s definitely something I probably wouldn’t wear to work as a professional haha, because I feel like I’d just seem really young or something, but maybe that’s just my distorted perception of myself?? I did LOVE wearing them on the fourth of July though! I got so many compliments and Sydney and I both sprinkled our space buns with “galaxy dust” (aka glitter) for the holiday. Basically I’ll take any excuse to add glitter to my hair. Or makeup. Or pretty much anything… #alltheglitter #allthetime

XXOO Sunny