This was totally accidental, we both made a kissy face at the same time to kiss each other’s cheek and were WAY closer than we thought and Tony caught it on camera hahaha.

Happy first official day of winter and almost holiday weekend! Is anyone else blown away that we’re already at the end of the year? I feel like I just wrote my 2017 recap a couple of months ago but it’s somehow been a full year!

I wanted to show this fun hairstyle for when it’s cold outside because I think it looks super cute with a hat! Hats are sometimes weird for me because my head is so small and I feel like hats make me look like I’ve had some kind of voodoo magic done that turned me into a walking shrunken head on my shoulders, so I’m pretty particular about wearing my hair in a way that looks like it’s got a lot of volume to poke out of underneath the hat to try and counterbalance the effect, ha!

This time to offset the shrunken head vibes, I went for some really full pigtails using a pull through braid! Previously wen I’ve done pull through braids, I tie the elastic and make a loop which I then pull a section of hair from underneath through so the elastic ends up getting hidden by my hair. This time I used THIS barefoot blonde hair tutorial I saw on instagram where you just wrap sections of hair and elastic them in front of the piece, so the elastic ends up in front. It’s basically a reverse pull-through from my traditional style.

First impressions… LOVE how easy it was to just wrap sections of hair around the other section and band it off. HATE that I couldn’t hide the elastics as well. In photos I’ve seen from other people the elastics don’t seem like that big of a deal or they were able to pancake (AKA pull apart) the braid enough to hide them, but mine just didn’t look the same and the elastics were definitely all showing.

I do like that I feel like for some reason this way the braid pancakes out bigger and pulls apart more thick and full, which doesn’t make sense because it’s literally the same amount of hair as the other way, haha, but you all know how much I love to pancake my braids and make them nice and full so I did really like that effect.

Finishing touch, put on a cozy hat to keep that head warm and you’re the cutest snow bunny ever, ready to go! Or in my case, put on the hat to hide the terrible part I made because I wasn’t paying attention to the back of my head. What can I say, I’m a real pro ­čśë

The cute girl in these photos with me is one of my dearest, closest friends and we took them when we were out with Tony shooting pictures for her family. Kristina and I used to work┬átogether at a job that we joke about being the most horrible ever, but it’s also the best because it brought us together haha. Who has a job that they feel that way about?

When I found out I was pregnant with Sydney I was completely unprepared and terrified, but thankfully Kristina was there to get me through it every day at work because she had just found out that SHE WAS PREGNANT TOO! Our babes were born only 13 days apart. ┬áBeing pregnant and becoming mamas together was one of those bonding experiences that we’ll always have and I love that we got to take some cute photos together.

Back to braids though… tell me what you think! Do you like this version of the pull through braid and would you try it? Or do you like the other way better?

XXOO Sunny