onyx and blush art 16It has been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I’ll just give a quick update of my life status right now, I feel it can be accurately summed up in one word. CRAZY. Anyone else have the crazy bug spreading some cheerful chaos in their life right now, too? Yes? At least I’m not alone! We’re lucky this time around though, because most of the craziness is in preparation for good things to come. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve moved out of our old place, started building our new home (Yay!), enrolled Sydney in a new preschool (after I had a meltdown of course when her old daycare person gave me their notice…bittersweet feelings at their best), worked on some business plans, and I flew to San Diego for a marketing conference for work. Not bad for a to-do list in a short few weeks, right? But enough of the past, I’m ready to move on to the future! Who else is ready for spring around here?! We’ve certainly been spoiled the last couple of weeks with some warm weather, and thank heavens for that because I can’t imagine having to move in the cold and snow! But I’m ready for shorts and t-shirt and festivals and flowers! We took this photo at the Utah Arts Festival last year (could you just die over the cuteness of this H&M shirt??)  I’m especially excited about the next coming months because we have some really awesome fun things planned! Someone once gave me the advice that “you should always be planning your next vacation” and I love that because to me, it means to always be looking forward to something, always have that positive energy and excitement, and always be looking for new ways to experience the best things in life! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vacation, but any kind of adventure or experience. So, today I’m going to give out the advice that you should always be planning your next vacation! Find something to look forward to and get excited! Plus, the tulip season is just around the corner, so I’ll just let that bit of happiness sink in 🙂 Happy almost spring, everyone!


XXOO Sunny