It’s no secret by now that I’ve switched to using all-natural plant-based feminine care products for months now, but I haven’t talked much about WHY I wanted to switch and how that switch has totally changed my life!

Yep. It really did change my life. And girl, I think it might just change yours too!

How it all started…

I had breast reduction surgery at the beginning of the year, which went great but it totally threw my body out of whack. Because of the physical trauma, my body went into a kind of hyper-stress mode (that’s a thing, right) and it even got to a point where it expelled my IUD after having it for nearly 2 years. Usually when an IUD expulsion happens, it’s within weeks of having it implanted, so it was uncommon that it would expel itself after such a long time.

When that happened, my hormones went CREAZY, so I was randomly bleeding and getting cramps, getting migraines, then I’d stop and have weird mucous, then back to spotting and/or bleeding… it was fun. Reallll fun.

With all of the craziness, I noticed my ph balance was totally off because I started getting infections and irritations in that area, and I grew really sensitive to things like different body washes or even intercourse (yep. I went there.) Babes- it was horrible. I couldn’t seem to get it under control!

Searching for a solution

So like all millennial moms with a problem, I turned to google and typed in HOW TO FIX MY PH BALANCE. One of the suggestions that popped up multiple times was switching to all natural plant based products, so I figured I’d give it a go. At this point, I was willing to try anything to make the fiery nightmare disappear.

I tried a few different brands to see if there were any that I loved, and then it was like some kind of fate because the clouds opened up and sent me the Honeypot Co., and they offered to send me some products to try! Talk about amazing timing in my life, right??

Finding the right all-natural, plant-based feminine care products

The very first thing I tried was the wash, and the difference was incredible. I kept waiting for the burning and sensitivity that always accompanied washing up in the shower, but beyond washing with the soap it never came. I quickly became obsessed with the wipes too because I could use them throughout the day to keep things feeling fresh and ensure things stayed balance, so GOODBYE YEAST INFECTIONS!

My periods have still been pretty random as my body is trying to figure itself out, but having the all-natural plant-based tampons for my most recent cycle helped with the discomfort and itching that sometimes occurred when using normal tampons.

For other women who have sensitivity in your vaginal area, or even if you just want to start caring more about the things you put into your body, the Honeypot Co. products are a complete GAME CHANGER.

AND did I mention they’re in Target stores?? If target is essential to your life balancing act like it is mine, then just toss some of their products and keep your ph balance under control too the next time you’re shopping!

Your body isn’t meant to be processing and absorbing harsh chemicals and toxins, so stop putting them into her! Take care of your body and I promise, you’ll feel the difference!

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XXOO Sunny