This was a photo taken a little while back that I initially chose not to post because I just feel like I look so gross and chubby in it, but I really am trying to learn to accept myself and in the spirit of keeping up with my #loveevolvesher campaign, I’m working on just being more real and accepting that this is ME right now, and even though I may not love how I look, I love this photo. I love how happy I am and I love Sydney’s expression, so here it is haha. I also love this lip color, this is another one of the LipSense colors that I got (cranberry) and I think it is a really good red for my skin color. I am a HUGE red lipstick lover, ha! Since I haven’t done a 13 randoms post in a little while I thought I would do one really quick. 🙂

1- We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and were on our way out when we spotted the lions up close to the glass, so we went over there to take a few pictures and they started roaring back and forth. I’ve never heard lions roar like that, and it was crazy loud and SO freaking cool.

2- The baby is still not sleeping. She was sleeping through the night great and then she had a few teeth come in and ever since then she has struggled. It’s been a couple of months now and I’m dying, all I want is sleep. I’m trying to tell myself to embrace it because they aren’t little for long, but it’s hard to keep repeating that when you turn more and more into a sleep deprived zombie every day and all you want to do is bite everyone’s head off.

3- We love watching random cooking shows like Guy’s Grocery Games and other food competitions like that. Over the holidays we watched one that is based in Australia (a Netflix original I think, too) called, Zumbo’s Just Desserts and it was really fun. If you’re into baking/cooking shows I highly recommend it.

4- My sister got me some bath salts from Bath and Body works that are Eucalyptus. Praise heavens, I didn’t think such a wonderful thing existed until now.

5- I’m on the hunt for a new wallet! I’ve been using the same wallet for the last couple of years and I have loved it, it’s tan and pink and from COACH so it’s super cute and has held up really well, but I use it daily and it’s just time for a new wallet. Taking suggestions on people’s favorites so let me know what wallets you love in the comments!

6- I am obsessed with those big, fuzzy, old lady kind of socks right now. My feet are always cold and those big fluffy socks are so warm and cozy. I’m sure Tony is turned on by them all the time haha.

7- Three of the songs that have been on repeat lately in my playlists have been: The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (thanks, Thor Ragnarok!), Clint Eastwood (because the Gorillaz are the BEEEEEEST), and Perfect by Ed Sheeran (yes, it’s overplayed, yes, I love it anyway. HIS VOICE is perfect.)

8- My favorite nail color lately is SUPERNOVA by Sinful Colors. Every single time I have it on I get compliments. It’s kind of a metallic-y silver with a rose gold hint.

9- Sydney knows every word of This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s my favorite thing ever and I feel like I’m winning as a parent every time she breaks out singing it, which at this point is like 3 times a day haha.

10- I’m already SO over winter, but I’m still trying to enjoy it. As part of my Love Evolves Her goal I’m trying to learn to love my situation for what it is, and right now my situation is cold, snowy, and icy. Haha I am just imagining a world where I can “love” this and it seems like a looming imaginary place of non-existence… failing already at my goal and it’s not even February haha.

11- Emilia is learning to crawl but she doesn’t totally have the hands and knees thing mastered yet, so right now she has a wonky scuttle she does across the floor and it’s hilarious.

12- My favorite thing on Pinterest right now are all of the workouts that people are pinning (probably because it’s the new year!) and I’m pinning right along with them! I really want to work on my back because I’ve had a lot of back problems for years (no thanks to the giant melons I heave around 24/7). I’m also hoping to get surgery later this year and I’d like to be in better health to help with the recovery after surgery.

13- My new favorite snack right now is Sheila G.’s Brownie Brittle. I discovered it a couple of years ago but I found it at Costco the other day and I remembered how delighted the tastebuds are when it goes into your mouth. I love how crunchy it is and it’s such a good snack that is low calorie. YASSSS.

XXOO Sunny