I’m FINALLY getting around to trying out the jelly bombs at Lush and it’s almost embarrassing that I’ve waited so long! There are no defensible arguments for my behavior, so I guess I’ll just hang my head in shame and hope you will forgive me for that, and I’m making up for it by trying out my first one ever, NOW!

As I mentioned in THIS post a few weeks ago reviewing all of the lush bath bombs to date, my kind of bath bombs are the ones that are citrus-y or coconut-y and SPARKLY. They were out of the green coconut and marmalade bath bombs when I went in which were my first two picks for the scents, I ended up choosing Secret Arts.

Let’s be honest, if it’s got a mysterious name, I’m game. Haha if you call something, “black bath bomb” I wouldn’t think twice about it, but call it something like, “black magic,” or “Salem’s spelll,” or something and suddenly I’m intrigued. Anyone else with me on that?

Psychology is real and weird, man! Haha!

So I walked out of LUSH, totally stoked on my new purchase and excited to take a bath and see what all the rage was about. With the Secret Arts bomb, the smell is very spicy because it has cinnamon in it. It kind of reminded me of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb a little but this was definitely a more subdued smell and it kind of had a slight citrus twist to it so it was WAY better. It’s possible (probable) that I’m not giving the Lord of Misrule a fair chance since he got judged when my morning sickness was at it’s worst and so naturally I hate him and will forevermore remain that way…. BUT for the Secret Arts bomb it was nice.

Dissolving this thing looked pretty wicked, it was all dark shades of silver, grey, and black and then the center had a very irreverent fuchsia (it took me 4 tries to spell that!) spilling out of it and it was really pretty.

The interesting thing about the jelly bomb is that it doesn’t dissolve the same way a normal bath bomb does. It starts fizzing, but then as the jelly component is kind of throughout the bomb, it breaks into segments of the jelly and slowly melts away kind of like the bath melts, but it is more oily. The nice thing about this is that your water is literally like bathing in the finest oils in the land and you feel like a Khaleesi stepping out of the tub. The negative side is that it coats your tube in a thick residue and I’m ALL for skipping the chores. My maid keeps forgetting to show up.

Oh wait… I don’t have a maid. I’m just lazy.

So with the Secret Arts bomb, it left a really big, thick, black ring around my tub and residue from the bath bomb jelly stuff all over it because the jelly kind of clumps up and dissolves really slowly, so some pieces hadn’t even dissolved yet and then there was the ring at the water line as well.  I wasn’t impressed with that as far as cleaning goes but the overall bath experience with the jelly bomb really is nice. I love the black-ish water because it feels mysterious and I just love black. (AND we’re back at psychology of colors and names again!) And the cinnamon in the water kind of warms up you skin beneath the surface, so I imagine it would feel nice to soak in if you have sore muscles.

Overall, for the Secret Arts jelly bomb, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I really like the colors and how it looked, but I didn’t like how dirty it left the tub and the smell was good but not great. My skin did feel VERY soft after so that was a huge bonus on this one. I think if you are looking for a black bath bomb just for looks, this one is a great option for you although I’d recommend the Cosset Bath and Body bomb called, Apocalypse over this Lush one because it is 5 stars, all around and dissolves a much darker, richer black. Maybe I’ll do a review on that one soon?!

XXOO Sunny

PS How creepy is that last photo? Haha I like to take the underwater photo with the bath bombs because I love the kind of “floating head” look in the pretty water (I know, I’m lame and weird!) but this one just came out super creeps and it’s kind of like I’m a water demon or dead person that got distracted and attacked by grindylows. 🙂