Fake tans and sunless tanners have been part of my life since I was 15 years old. I’m naturally very pale, and I just love how I feel with a good tan! Seriously, it’s an instant booster to make me feel more confident and beautiful.

Here’s the thing about fake tans and sunless tanning products though… they’re HARD to get right. I naturally have orange undertones, so I tend to look a little orange with a normal tan anyway- but sunless tanners have the potential to turn me Oompa Loompa status. Not to mention the streaks and imperfections that are SO easy to see on my fair skin when I try to tan.

I’ve tried it all. I’ve done wipes, sprays, lotions, oils… you name it, I’ve tried it. Here is what I have discovered are the best secrets to getting that perfect golden tan with sunless tanners!

Use sunless tanners with all-natural ingredients!

If you look at the back of some of those sunless tanners, the amount of products with harsh chemicals, parabens, and other ingredients that are potentially harmful. You want your skin to look and feel as healthy as possible and glow truly comes from the inside out, so choose products that nourish your skin!

Recently I Golden Star Beauty sent me some of their sunless tanner to try and they specialize in all-natural, organic, vegan skincare products. I tried out the sunless tanning oil and the face serum and was so impressed with the quality. It made my skin feel incredible while still giving it a healthy glow and very natural-looking tan. It didn’t cause any breakouts and I got so many compliments on my skin while using their products!

If you want to try the sunless tanning oil, you can find that here.

If you want to try the sunless tanning face serum, you can find that here.

Here are my results using the Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanner Oil!

Apply your sunless tanner in layers

This step is so crucial! I used to go crazy trying to get the darkest possible tan from my sunless tanners and I would glob it on hoping I could soak up every ounce of color.

Ha. Total fail. Hehehe I bet they could see my Oompa Loompa legs from Mars, and the cosmos were enjoying those streaks all over my legs! Talk about a YIKES situation.

Instead, I have found it so much more natural (not to mention WAY less messy!) to apply it in layers! Do a very thin coat to start and rub it in. Then half a day or the next day later, apply another thin coat. Yes, it does take a little longer to get to your ideal color, but it also looks way more beautiful and sun-kissed, instead of streaky and unnatural.

Use a tanning oil spray

Remember the sunless tanning oil from Golden Star Beauty I mentioned earlier?? Well THIS is truly the only way to self-tan! You spray on the oil and it’s a concentrated spray (meaning not an aerosol that goes everywhere and leaves your bathroom like an orange-covered murdered scene), and then you massage it into your skin. This completely eliminates the potential for streaks and causes really natural blending with your skin!

If you’ve been using liquid tanners, foams, lotions, or wipes, then you need to change to the oil. ASAP.

Exfoliate first

This is really the secret sauce for getting a perfect tan using fake tanning products and sunless tanners. Exfoliate your skin first before you apply the self tanner! This will scrub off all of the dead skin and sluff away anything dirt or whatever build up your skin might have, leaving smooth surface for you to start with.

There are a lot of great exfoliators out there, but my personal favorite is just plain old granulated sugar! It’s cheap and works SO well, I just mix a little sugar and water to make a paste, then rub it all over the area I want to exfoliate and rinse it clean.

With summer days heading into full swing, it’s important to protect your skin! If you love a good tan like me, definitely opt for using a sunless tanner instead of harmful UV rays. These tips will help you get that golden tan of your dreams!

Happy Tanning!

XXOO Sunny