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obc valentine's braid2I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day last weekend! I started out having kind of a really big bummer of a hair day- I so badly wanted to do these curls and no matter what I did with it, it just wasn’t going to happen that day. Anyone else know the feeling? I finally just brushed it all out and decided to do this really cool braid thing I saw on Kirsten Zellers blog (I’m obsessed). And of course the first 12,357 braids I did weren’t working either- I was so annoyed! Finally I hit a breaking point and was just like, “ok, you win, no pretty, elaborate hair for me today…” and took a break for like, two hours. I finally decided to just do this side braid which has turned into one of my favorite go-to looks lately because it looks like I put way more effort in than I did and it hides greasy hair pretty well (hello, perfect for second and third day hair!) Usually I just braid it down to right below my ear and then pony up the rest of it at the side, but I thought for Valentine’s day I’d just braid up the whole thing. This particular braid is a dutch braid that I started at the part line and then pulled all of my hair into it at the base of the ear and then just used my hands to pull apart. Super simple and after hours of frustration trying to do an elaborate hairstyle I was grateful this one was so easy to do and came out looking half decent and I thought I’d share.

XO Sunny