So I wasn’t even sure if it was worth posting a review of the Solly Baby wrap because I’ve already mentioned it several times in other posts and on Instagram that I’m in absolute LOVE with this product. It is hands down one of my very favorite baby products that I’ve used!

I know plenty of people won’t bat an eye at the cost, but let’s be honest, I’m a bit (or a LOT) of a thrifty mama so when I originally saw the price tag ($65 at the time this is being posted) my heart sank because I only had limited money to buy baby things and the Solly wrap wasn’t exactly an “essential” item…. or so I thought. I was a fool then. I got really lucky and was gifted money to buy something special for my baby, and the wrap is what I chose. In the first use, I KNEW it was worth the money and that if I had known that prior to getting the money, I definitely would have scrounged up the pennies to buy it, no matter how poorI was, because it is absolutely an essential for me. It is worth E.V.E.R.Y. penny.

You know I’m serious about it if each letter of that was emphasized.

I didn’t really baby-wear with Sydney because I honestly didn’t think of it as an option. I know, I know, I was young and ignorant (I like to pretend I’m not anymore but who am I kidding?) but I hadn’t done my research and baby wearing wasn’t really a THING that my friends did, so I didn’t really even think about it. I got postpartum depression after having Sydney really bad, and I was terrified when I got pregnant with Emilia that it would happen again. I started researching like crazy to find things that can help combat baby blues and postpartum depression. One of the tips I read was to try and keep the baby close as much as possible. I’m not sure if this would work for everyone, but I was determined to try anything to prevent it from happening so I started looking at ways to build a bond with your baby when you’re a working mom. And I discovered… baby wearing!

I love baby wearing because I’m a working mom and I just don’t have time to get everything done that I would like, especially taking time to just hold and be close to my baby which breaks my heart because THAT is ultimately the most important thing. The wrap allows me to keep her close and hold her, breathe in her smell (any other mamas obsessed with their baby’s smell? Put them hands up!) and talk with her while I’m taking care of things that need to get done. Having the wrap is also way more convenient when going out and about than lugging around a giant stroller or carseat. And can we talk about how nice it is that people aren’t coming up to the baby and getting in her face and touching her when I’m wearing her instead of pushing her around exposed in the stroller? That was definitely a plus that I didn’t anticipate or even think about. #winning

So I guess it’s pretty obvious I love baby wearing and will promote it like crazy, but let me tell you why I love the Solly wrap specifically over other baby wearing methods. The Solly wrap is designed to fit around you and keep your baby close, which means one size really does fit all, no matter what your size/shape is, and most importantly, it can be used from DAY 1. Many other wraps require the baby to have neck support or be able to sit up on their own before you can use them. With the Solly wrap, you can use it from the first day, and it is strongly encouraged in the newborn stage because it keeps baby close.

The other thing I LOVE about the wrap is the way it fits over the shoulders. It is fully adjustable so the weight can be evenly distributed and it doesn’t just put pressure on one part of your shoulder. For a girl with big boobs that already has the stress of bra straps holding a lot of weight… this is a BIG deal. My shoulders thank this wrap every time. That means no headaches from tension stress (well.. at least no headaches from holding baby. I still get headaches from slinging around the boobies…) And the fabric is super lightweight and breathable, which has been awesome for the summer because I don’t have to worry that she is getting overheated.

I absolutely LOVE the color options they have, it was a difficult choice for me but I’m BIG into the grey. Seriously, gimme all the grey. Always. So of course, I had to get the color Clay. It’s so pretty and goes with everything I have, which is important to me since I’m the one wearing it around all night and day. Not that I’m fashionable or care that I match, just take a look at my socks, but I DO like the grey because it goes with everything.

The final selling point for me? The length. I mentioned it before, but it can adjust to any size, no matter what your shape is due to the length of the wrap. You can wrap the extra fabric around your waist and tuck it in, but if you’re like me, you’ll leave it out to double as a snot rag. Yup, you read that right. It’s gross but when the baby spits up I can just take the edge of the extra fabric and wipe up her face. I’m ALL about multifunctional so anything with double-use gets huge bonus points in my book. For those of you judging, I admire you’re non-laziness to find something to wipe up the baby when the extra fabric is just sitting there waiting… #dontknockittilyoutryit

If you haven’t totally decided yet on your baby wrap, be sure to go check them out here and I promise, it will be one of your favorite things, too!

What is this face though? Sometimes the shots my husband gets…

Cousin It? Why are you holding my baby?

XXOO Sunny