Not just some days. A lot of days. Maybe this is because I am an anti-social hermit that struggles with depression and pessimism and selfishness….or MAYBE (most likely definitely) it is because people are just so ridiculous sometimes. I don’t know what it has been about this week, but people are just driving me nuts.

Most of you will probably say it is just me- i am the impatient one and THAT is why I am getting overly annoyed with people. WELL- let me just tell you that the REAL issue is with the stupid old fart who cut me off and forgot to put on a blinker. (Let’s just say I MIGHT have a small obsession with people not using blinkers when driving…and we will leave it at that.) Or the stuck up “mommy of the year” who told me off at the grocery store for having my child’s ears pierced. Last time I checked lady, you are a stranger and I don’t care what you think, but let me double check I don’t have one of your kids which you are free to parent…..Yep, just double checked. This is MY baby and I still don’t care what you think about me piercing her ears!

Or maybe this next one (background info: I do work outside the home part time in Finances)- the customer who came in and claimed I was dishonest because I refused to waive some fees for her (by company policy!) regarding some problems she had with her account. Don’t shoot the messenger lady, it is not my fault you don’t know how to manage your services! Or possibly it is the grumpy old man delivering my mail that is determined to hand crumple EVERY SINGLE ITEM before shoving it into my mailbox in such a fashion that my ONE year old could do a better job. PLUS he tore the corners of my magazine and half of the pages are ruined. It doesn’t really matter except that it isn’t his magazine to ruin and he caught me on the wrong week….

The list just continues on and on and on. Everyone’s advice to me? CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Ha. Well let me tell you where you can stick that saying…. When you are having a week like this, and people just seem to be driving you crazy, here is the best way to really get over it.

Let yourself be angry for a while. Allow yourself to feel those emotions and get it out of your system. It is perfectly normal and HEALTHY to feel this way once in a while. If you bottle every emotion you have up or ignore it, it just leads to more health problems due to built up stress and anxiety, causing ulcers, depression, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, and many other things. So I am going to repeat this, Let yourself get over it. Be angry and sad and whatever you want to feel. At least for a little while. Write it all down or daydream about the nasty things you would tell that person if you had the time or the guts or whatever, then find something to distract yourself.

When that psycho driver cut me off without their blinker I allowed myself to think all the evil, horrible thoughts I could and sent bad JuJu their way, then flipped on the radio and turned it up really loud and jammed out until I felt better.  Yes, maybe it is the unconventional way of handling my feelings, but I find if I allow them to come full cycle and control them that way, rather than just suppressing them, I tend to feel a LOT more happy in general.

So when you have a week when you just hate people? Go ahead. HATE THE PEOPLE. Then find something you love and remind yourself that you are just better than them and move on! HA! TAKE THAT ALL OF YOU STUPID PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! And to the rest of you awesome people– Stay Awesome and I hope you are having a better week than I am! I will send good JuJu your way!

Cheers to Friday being tomorrow and starting over with a clean slate for a happier week!