Just about every year for the last ten years we have enjoyed going to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple here in Utah to attend the Holi Festival of Colors. This is something Tony and I started doing back when we were dating as 17-year old kids!

There are two main reasons I love to attend this festival as regularly as we do, and why I’ve wanted to start bringing my kids. (Call me crazy, but yes, I brought my one year old this year!)

First, I love going and just getting to experience a tiny taste of some of the traditions celebrated in other areas of the world. It’s amazing to me to learn about other cultures and while I recognize this maybe isn’t quite the same experience as attending a real Holi Fest in India, I love getting to experience and learn about a tiny piece of a culture that is different from my own.

The second reason is because of the incredible, amazing energy! I’m someone that is so affected by energy around me and especially since my struggle with postpartum depression, I’ve found that I’m easily impacted by energy from outside sources. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of 100k people that are all genuinely putting out good, positive, loving vibes like you get at this festival. Everyone there is happy, excited, kind to each other, lovingly throwing color and giving out free hugs. It’s such an amazing vibe and I love getting to experience it.

As for the part where I brought my one year old… I have no regrets, however I will say that it might be a little easier if your kids are maybe around three years old or older before you bring them. There is so much colored dust flying around and there are so many people, I think it would be easy for young kids to get overwhelmed. With EJ I was really careful to stay kind of on the outskirts of the main crowd so there weren’t overwhelming amounts of people, and so that there was less dust being thrown around. I was strict about the hand-holding rule too, or we just picked her up and carried her. OVerall, she loved it, she didn’t complain one time and loved carrying around her little bag and throwing colors at us. It was so cute, I’m so glad we decided to bring her!

Below is our video from this year’s experience! If you want to check out our videos from previous years, you can find those here and here.

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XXOO Sunny