Alrighty ladies, let’s talk BOWS.

As a girly girl and a mom to 2 girls, you KNOW I’m obsessed with bows. Seriously. #gimmeallthebows but I’m actually kind of picky when it comes to bows because I have high end taste with a small budget, haha. I know y’all can relate, right? So when I was pregnant I gave myself a bow budget (yep, really.) and found all of the bows I liked, then I just purchased whatever would fit in my budget!

One of the companies I came across is The Southern Blush, they are an Etsy show, and they have THE cutest bows ever! They are literally the cutest and they have SO many options! I started collecting a whole bunch, and then we had Emilia apply to be a brand rep and by the lucky stars, HERE WE ARE!! Which means now wear our bows non-stop, AND all of my readers and friends get a discount on their bows! SCORE!

They are perfect for any age toddler or little girl, and like I said, she has so many styles and cute things, it’s hard to choose! We did a giveaway with their bows last week, and guess what! I have another giveaway for you this weekend on instagram so make sure to stay tuned for that! 🙂

Make sure you go check out the amazing shop HERE, and you can get 15% off your total order with the code ONYX15 so don’t forget to use it!

Here are just a few of our favorite bows, but I’m posting about them ALL THE TIME on insta so make sure you follow me @onyxandblushco to see more!