Over the years I’ve gotten the immense pleasure to be the focus of jokes and mocking for my obsession with outer space and aliens but it’s one of those things that just raptures my mind! There is just something so incredibly magical and powerful about the stars and the idea that space is literally infinite, we don’t know what’s out there! If our planet is capable of sustaining life, then there must be others out there in the universe.

For the most part people agree with that, right? Whether or not they’d make their way to earth and have contact with us is pretty much a whole different story though- I mean I believe it, but I wouldn’t say I’m the majority haha. It’s one of those quirks that makes Tony look the other way and pretend not to know me when I get talking… 😉

BUT! The whole reason behind this post is because I was playing with my makeup this morning and thinking it would be fun to do like a series of looks that were kind of space related themes! I’m still trying to work out the details, but I think it’d be really fun to do some looks and do a post on it! And of course while I’m brainstorming with myself I poked my eye with my mascara because I’m basically a makeup pro- clearly- and I started thinking about how an alien makeup look might work out, when my brain drifted off into memories of driving in the car when I swear I had an alien experience!

Tony and I were still pretty newly married and we decided to drive to Boise for the weekend to visit my grandparents. We left after work and were driving along through the night headed north, and guys it is DARK out there in the middle of Idaho at night! There were seriously no lights along the roads and there weren’t any towns or cities nearby. It’s just an empty stretch of barren land that you drive through for a few hours before you head into Boise.

So we’re driving along just casually chatting and out of nowhere the entire sky lights up like daylight, but it’s all a weird purple hue color. Like, you know when lightning strikes and the whole world lights up for a minute? That’s exactly what this was like, except it lasted longer, like a solid 3-4 seconds (instead of just a flash!) and it was all purple! It was definitely NOT lightning because there were ZERO clouds in the sky and you could see the stars plain as day, but the light was so even we couldn’t tell where it was being disbursed from.

I was looking around like one of those owls spinning it’s head around trying to figure out what had happened when suddenly it got eerie silent. The lights in my car turned off, the radio cracked and shut off, and all of the dashboard lights and stuff went out. The car remained driving, but all of the electrical functions totally just shut down randomly which has NEVER happened before and still hasn’t happened since!

It was super weird but we just kind of rolled it off our shoulders and flipped everything back on and kept driving, and then about 3 minutes later the sky lit up all purple AGAIN and for the second time everything totally shut off! Like… what the heck? By this time I’m in full on melt down mode and spiraling out like a tornado in all different directions about what could possibly be happening. I kind of saw a weird shadow out of the corner of my eye, so who knows if I really saw anything but I swear it was a UFO because it looked EXACTLY LIKE the one I had seen as a teenager one night. My parents didn’t believe me, they told me it had to have been some kind of airplane or satellite thing but there is no way! It was kind of a squared off disk looking thing with these lights on it, like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the way that it kind of floated through the air was way too smooth to be anything mechanical that I know of like an airplane.

Haha do you think I’m crazy yet?

I have since done a lot of research and most of it is a bunch of garbage, but I’ve never been able to find anything that exists that resembles the UFO that I saw. It truly was an unidentified flying object (whether someone else could identify it and I’m just ignorant is yet to be determined, I suppose!) The only time I saw it was that night as a teenager and I had yet to see it since, until that night we were driving to Boise and everything went purple and shut off.  I can’t promise that I saw it that night either if I’m being totally real with you, but I saw a weird shadow and instantly remembered the time I had seen something like that before, but when I turned my head to look it was gone so who really knows? It wasn’t until that moment thought that I’d considered maybe it was aliens.

And yes, let’s just insert a big, fat disclaimer here so we’re all clear 🙂 I KNOW that there is likely some kind of rational explanation that is (probably) earthly and I’m making something out of nothing here, but it’s so much more fun to think that I’ve had an encounter with aliens who chose to bless me with their presence in the form of purple light from their spaceship, right? 😉 Really I just wanted to feel like I was part of X-Files for a minute.

So there you go. A kind of random post for my blog, but I thought it’d be fun to share my little alien story. Who else has had an alien experience or has a good story?? Share with me, I’m clearly a sucker for this stuff!

XXOO Sunny