Today has just been one of those days. You know the kind- you snooze through your alarm, get caught in the sheets as you try to bolt about of bed because you slept in, and fall face first into the floor with one leg still tangled up somewhere behind you on the mattress. That is about how this day started and how it continued to go, dragging into one impossibly long, stretched out bad day. I think it is safe to say I am sufficiently grumpy with the whole situation and am really only writing this post because I need a distraction from being annoyed. Well, that and because I committed to NaBloPoMo and since I have had a very difficult time following through with commitment since my struggle with depression, I am forcing myself to do this.

SO. After a long day of some seriously annoying mishaps I decided to sit down and write for a few minutes. And then I got frustrated because I didn’t know what to write about. So I decided to take a break (even though I hadn’t started yet) and look through the pictures on my computer, because for some reason when I have the computer on and don’t know what to do, that is my go-to thing. Go figure. I ran into some pictures of our family at the beach and had a sudden stroke of inspiration. I WANT A VACATION. In particular, I want a vacation TO THE BEACH.

I want to feel the sand in my toes and smell the salty aroma of seaweed and water. I want to giggle and shiver as I dip my feet in the cold pacific water and close my eyes so I can listen to the water crashing against the surface. And I want to stay in my happy place like that for several hours and not have anyone ask me to do anything or worry about what is happening in life. I am lucky to have such a blessed life full of wonderful people and lots of exciting things to do, but I think everyone will agree that sometimes, you just want to be alone in your happy place for a few minutes to recharge. And that is OK. My happy place often changes, but today my happy place lies on the west coast of the United States on a fluffy pink beach towel with my feet squishing around in the sand.