Ah, Disney, you truly have my heart and soul! I always get asked why I keep going back over and over, when I’ve already been and I have so many other places I could go.

My answer? DISNEY MAGIC. 

It really is magical there! I know, the heat, the crowds, the tired feet, the screaming kids… those aren’t necessarily everyone’s idea of a dream. But Disney is SO much more than that. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or that I’m obsessed with Disney movies and I love the theming, but ultimately it all boils down to Disney Magic. They just know how to make it happen for every person that walks through those gates! 

Obviously there are the big things that at are magical, but what truly makes the difference between Disney and just another vacation experience are the DETAILS. Ah, those little Disney details have my heart! 

So, because I’m having major Disney withdrawals I decided to make a list of some of my favorite little things that Disney just does RIGHT, the things I love about Disney World, and turn them into a blog post!

And then I extended the invitation to you on instagram and got some of the most fun responses, so I included those in this list too! 

Here are all of our favorite Disney details that truly make the Disney experience something magical! 

The smell of the water rides! 

Seriously, is there anything better or more familiar than the sweet smell of Pirates of the Caribbean or Splash Mountain? My nostrils are singing just thinking about it! 

How Disney swirls the Dole Whips perfect, every single time! 

Seriously, have you ever seen a single Dole Whip swirl that was anything short of perfect? Such a small touch that leaves me in awe. 

Hidden Mickeys

They’re literally everywhere. Some obvious, some not. It’s the level of attention they take in creating every experience that seriously just blows my mind! Plus it helps to have hidden mickeys to search for when waiting in long lines or for shows! 

The sounds of main street

Walking in the gates and waltzing down main street is my actual favorite thing to do in the whole world. I love hearing the performers, the hustle from the shops, the sound of the balloons banging against each other in the wind…. Ahhhhh it’s so good. 

All of the intricate details!

This is a broad one, I know, but have you ever turned a single corner and not seen little details down to the last crevice?? The parks are exploding with beautiful details, hidden Mickeys, little nods to Walt, etc. I find new things every time I explore. 

The cast members

10000% this one takes the cake! The cast members are absolutely unbelievable! They are so nice, they’re efficient, and they truly care about creating a magical experience for their guests. We’ve had so many lovely cast members that have given us beautiful memories and “magic moments” that have totally elevated our experience. 

How nice everyone is

GUESTS INCLUDED! I mean I know there are always rude people just about everywhere, and I’ve certainly seen a few in the parks, but for the most part everyone is in such a good mood and so friendly. I love that it is so inclusive, everyone from all walks of like consider it a “happy place.” 

The character voices making announcements

Someone on instagram mentioned that she loved when character voices tell you to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times…. And I had never realized it before now but I LOVE THAT TOO. Such a fun touch! 

The atmosphere changes as you travel to different lands

This is something that I’ll never understand how they accomplish over at Disney. When you walk into a new land, everything changes, down to the last detail! You become completely immersed in the new land with sights, smells, sounds, and atmosphere! It’s so cool! 

The smell of the food

I can’t write about this one because I’m drooling all over my keyboard just thinking about it.

The sounds of kids running around delighted

I love, and I mean LOVE, seeing kids giggling and laughing! It’s the most contagious, delightful feeling! It’s so fun to hear kids that are so happy as they’re getting on rides, watching the characters, etc. What amazing, positive energy they give off!

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Minnie ears everywhere! 

Why does this make me so happy? I can’t explain it. It’s just so fun to see everyone walking around in their chosen style of Minnie ears. It’s like a form of self expression and I’m HERE. FOR. IT.

BTW have you seen this post on where to find the cutest unique Minnie ears??

The way the air feels at dusk.

The magic hour, right after golden hour but before it’s fully dark- WOW WOW WOW. It’s cooled off for the day, but not cold. The lights are all on but the sky still has a little bit of blue. It’s a perfect couple of minutes. Truly. 

Watching the candy makers in the windows

Watching them dip apples or make candy is so mesmerizing and magic! I know i keep saying that I love it, but I truly do love it, ha! 


I swear, it’s the best on earth. Coke tastes better in Disney than any other place on earth. Totally worth the thousands of dollars per bottle, haha. 

The penny stretching machines 

Why are they so fun? I love that they have the penny stretchers through all of the parks and they all have different designs specific to the part of the park that you’re in. It makes for a fun little experience and souvenir. 

The non-ride / non-food activities!

I feel like mostly everyone thinks of Disney and they think of the rides and the food (understandably so!) but there is so much to do that ISN’T one of those! Like playing the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game, or the Wilderness Explorers challenges over at Animal Kingdom.

There is seriously SO much to do, you could get away without watching a single show or doing a single ride, and you’d still have a full day! There’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

The clacking noise of Thunder Mountain Railroad

Is there anything more exciting than that noise as it carries you up to the next big drop and rush?? #heaven

The smell of the churros

Can you believe I’ve never actually eaten a Disney churro? I go for the Dole Whip every single time! But man I love the smell! And one of these days, I’m going to snag one instead of the Dole Whip and the universe is going to stand still.

My hope is to keep adding to this list and letting it grow and grow. The amazing, wonderful little things about Disney that make it magic are truly infinite! What are your favorites??

XXOO Sunny