Happy Monday, babes! Today I just wanted to share my newest favorite braid because it is so MESSY and easy! I feel like it was really easy to put together but it definitely looks more complicated, and anything that looks like work without actually being extra work is a WIN in my book. Plus messy braids…. always. I started calling this my, “triple threat,” braid haha, which isn’t corny or cheesy at all, but I started calling it that because it has three of your core braids in the braid world, a fishtail braid, a dutch braid, and a pull through. Then it’s all pulled apart and really messy, I hardly even used that much hairspray even because I just wanted it to kind of have the flyaway unkempt look. Haphazard and unkempt seem to be my thing haha, whether that’s something to be proud of or not is up for debate! 😉 We went to the zoo this day and I always love going there and seeing the animals, it’s just amazing to me that we live in a world with such beautiful, incredible creatures and I always leave super pumped about nature and animals like… yeah animals! yea nature! yeah science! yeah Mr. White! 😉 Haha where my fellow nerds at?

I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful week! XO