Apple Cider Vinegar is one of my best secrets for well.. basically everything. I use it as a cleaner, I drink it for health benefits, I add it into recipes… it’s basically a household staple for me.

Over the last year or so I’ve tried out several shampoos from Maple Holistics (check out my review for the Silk18 shampoo here and the Tea Tree Oil shampoo here!) and have grown to love their products, but they have released a new one with a secret ingredient…. can you guess? Apple Cider Vinegar! So of course, as a strong believer in apple cider vinegar, how could I not be excited about this shampoo??

Maple Holistics sent me the new Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo to try, and I’m really loving it as a clarifying shampoo. With summer right now, my hair is getting filled up with extra sweat and chemicals like chlorine from all of the time we’re spending at the pool and outside. When that happens, just any normal shampoo doesn’t do as good of a job keeping your scalp clean and healthy, so I prefer to use a clarifying shampoo after swimming.

Apple Cider Vinegar has such wonderful cleaning properties and strips out all of the excess crap without doing any damage to your hair. I’ve also found that most clarifying shampoos will make my scalp really dry, but with the apple cider vinegar shampoo, I have not had that issue at all.

It’s a great alternative to clarifying shampoo that actually helps your scalp and hair feel strong, healthy, and clean! And did I mention that amazing shine you get after using a clarifying shampoo?? Because the shine is REAL. I have purchased products in the past specifically to give my hair shine, and I love that the apple cider vinegar shampoo does it with just one wash!

XXOO Sunny