It will be easy, they said. It will be fun, they said. You will love it, they said. Well miss Sunny isn’t feeling so Sunny after an hour long excursion navigating the twitter app to set up an account.

I have had tons of people recommend twitter, and as we are becoming a part of an increasingly digital age, I decided to try it out! (Promote myself of something like that- yes, I have to be my own cheerleader) So I take my handy dandy notebook smartphone and download the cute little blue bird. Upon the finished installation process I opened it up and clicked what I thought was obvious- Create Account. Next screen- Success! My account has been created! What the?! I didn’t even enter any information in! What account did I just create?! Oh- you are a smartphone and stole my information from my email account? That is cool. Except it is the wrong account and I don’t want twitter on that account! You SOB app.

Ok, deep breath Sunny, no big deal, I will just go change the email and username and then it will be ok. Wrong Again.

You mean I can’t change my email login? What is this madness? I am pretty sure the FAQ page says I should be able to do this……oh, I am not authorized? Ok cool. I will just exit out of the app and re-open it up and try again.I just need to put in the password again- WAIT, I never put in a password. How am I supposed to get into my account I didn’t mean to create with a password I never put in? I guess I can just enter my username and click “forgot password” …..except I don’t know what the username is because I was too focused on the email address being wrong to see what random username it assigned me!

Lucky me, I am smart a good guesser and figured that out. Now what? Ummm…let’s just delete the whole thing and start over. Because when something doesn’t work I quit. Ha. Well Twitter…. you know how the saying goes… Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…… how did I seriously think the same thing wouldn’t happen again?! Do the rest  of you have this much trouble or am I just an idiot? Don’t answer that, I already know. Well. It is cool. I will just hit buttons and google FAQs about Twitter on my account until I figure it out.

Fast Forward- 45 minutes later.

Now I have a username. And the email I want. Go find me: @sunnywithsass.  Now to the real purpose that I downloaded the app (I assure you, it wasn’t to waste an hour of my time trying to type a username in) I think real hard and come up with a cute little thing to post as my very first tweet ever…click to tweet it out…annnnnddd…FAILED.

Awesome, as if I am not furious enough at an inanimate object that is smarter than I am for the most insignificant reason.

K, what was it I wrote? well, this other idea is cute, I will do that. Annnnddd….FAILED. Oh for the love of all things holy, WTH is going on?! Five more times it fails.  Twitter’s fault? Well this time probably not, I think this annoying problem is the dirty work of my dear old smartphone. Probably punishing me for dropping it too many times… I finally type, “Is this thing on?!” and BAM success. So much for an awesome, well thought out, introductory First Tweet ever. Stupid thing. I’m going to bed. #failure #firsttweet #isweariamnotstupid #rantsmakemefeelbetter #goodnight