You know that I love a good set of pigtails! They are so easy and give a fun, more flirty and young-girly vibe than just a classic ponytail. For this particular look I wanted to stick to a traditional pigtail instead of doing some kind of fancy braided version like I usually would try, but I still wanted it to look a little more EXTRA.

You know… because I’M EXTRA. Sometimes you just need the little bit of hot sauce on life that turns a little oomph into WOW.

I decided to add a single, large bubble, giving the whole pigtail look a new look and some dimension. I’ve done full bubbled pigtails before which was fun, but let’s be honest I didn’t want to spend more than about 30 seconds while driving trying to fix my hair, because I’m a busy lady and doing my hair in the car in between stop signs and without a mirror tends to be how a lot of my days go. So I stuck with one bubble and then pulled it apart to give it a little extra volume.

This style can be done in just a few simple steps. First, split your hair into two sections and elastic each section along the side of your head right at the base of your ear. Next, take a second elastic and band a small section about three inches lower than the first elastic. Then just pull pieces of hair in the section between the two elastics carefully to make it have a little more volume, and then take the ends and pull out slightly to move the elastic upward which will naturally bubble out your hair in between the two elastics.

If your part looks like a total mess like mine, add a hat. Boom. Problem solved. 🙂 If you want some other fun ways that you can put a cute spin on pigtails you can find more in this post here, another way here, and also here, Make sure to come follow me on instagram because I post a lot of hair content there too!

Dang cows didn’t want to be my friend. They were RIGHT there and the second I got close enough to take a photo they left me high and dry. I knew I didn’t like cows for a reason, no matter how cute they are.

XXOO Sunny