You guys all remember my one goal for the year, right? My ONE. SINGLE. GOAL. I just want to learn to take care of and love myself. One thing I’ve always believed to be true is that you should dress yourself for success. Taking the time to get dressed and put your look together makes you feel confident and better about yourself- at least it does for me and there is solid research that shows I’m not the only one!

I took a look in my closet the other day and what I found was pretty dismal. I’ve got the same 5 shirts that I’ve been wearing daily for the last 5 years that are torn to tattered rags. Then I’ve got the stash of outfits I haven’t touched since I purchased them because of one reason or another (usually I decide I don’t like how it fits but helllllloooooo lazy, I never took it back). And then I’ve got all of my favorite clothes that I’ve had since I was 13 that are all too small because “someday” might come that I fit into them again. **sigh**

Clearly I need help.

I really have no sense of fashion or personal style, but ever since I learned about the power of wearing the right colors and style (read about that HERE) I’ve really wanted to start making an effort to dress nice and improve my confidence.

THEN I look into my closet again. It’s crying tears of fear and screaming HELP ME.

Ain’t no confidence comin’ from that smelly thing. And with a new job starting up I really need to feel confident in myself through all the hellish learning and training stage. Anyone else hate being the “new” girl?

The thing is- I really don’t know WHAT I look good in or what to wear, or what my style is. I definitely have styles I gravitate towards when pinning outfits and in looking at the fashion bloggers I love, I can see that I’ve got a certain styles I’m drawn to but I’ve never really tried to pull anything like those outfits off. I’m very practical in my clothing right now. Basic. Comfortable. But I don’t want to be! However, I also don’t know where to start!

And then the heavens opened up and dropped Madame Ostrich into my life. I’ve been following her for a long time now, I LOVE her body positive message and her good vibes! She did a post on instagram (see HERE and go follow!!!!) talking about personal style and how you should use three words to define what you think your style is! Then, keep those words in mind when you’re getting dressed. I also saw an entire article about the “3 word method” that fashion insiders use when getting dressed on Who What Wear.

Being the kind of gal that has gotten pretty obsessed with fashion but literally has no sense of style or any idea where to start… this is EXACTLY what I need!

I’ve done some searching through my Pinterest boards and imagining the types of things that I want to be wearing, and I think I’ve come up with my three words. Who knows if they’ll change down the line, but I’m going to try my best to keep them in mind when I go shopping and start to assemble my little wardrobe and establish my personal style. Here are my three words:


I feel like everything I’m drawn to always falls into one of those categories! It’s been really interesting to read what other people have said they think their 3 words are, for example Christine (Madame Ostrich!) says her three words are Femme, Noir, and Bold.

So! Tell me, you guys, what do you think YOUR three words are???

XXOO Sunny