A couple of weeks ago I got bored and decided to do an instagram survey and I just came up with a bunch of kind of random things and thought it would be fun to share the results! I actually had quite a few responses and a lot of comments that this was really fun, so I’m considering doing more like this in the future just for kicks and giggles! If you guys think of a fun question for the survey poll, let me know! I’ll totally throw it in! 🙂

In no particular order, here are all of the survey results and then what category I personally fall into with each category 🙂

Let’s take a moment to morn that there is no cupcake emoji. Like…. HOW?!

This one was actually really close! I was surprised, for most of the day it looked like cupcake was in the lead and then by the time the survey ended ice cream had made a come back! Personally, I’m all about the ice cream. I like cupcakes and I think they are adorable, but I just can’t say no to ice cream. Ever.

No surprises here, I really think most people are night owls and the proof is right here! I am definitely a night owl, although I would say in terms of productivity, I usually get more done in the morning. By the time nighttime comes around I like to be relaxing with a book or watching the office. Once the kids go to bed I pretty much dissolve into a puddle of worthlessness on the couch and I’m totally OK with it.

I am definitely with the masses on this one. Why I don’t live closer to a beach is BEYOND me. I love living in the mountains but I don’t like the cold or the snow, so I daydream about sleeping on the beach all day long and playing in the sun and the water.

If I’m my period then I NEEEEEEEED chocolate and coke, but the rest of the time gimme ALL the salt. I have such a big thing for salt and I know I eat a ridiculously unhealthy amount of it. #sendhelp

Most of you chose peacock on this one, and I was really surprised because I thought it would be even just a little bit closer, but no! I am definitely a flamingo. Because PINK.

This result is CRAZY! With how many votes I had on this one, I can’t believe that the results were exactly 50/50 split. EXACTLY 50/50!!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because both unicorns and mermaids are pretty freakin’ awesome. Of course I’m a mermaid. Duh.

I’m with the masses on this one. Definitely MASCARA. I obsess over lipstick and have a ton of colors, and I want endless amounts more, but Mascara just does something for the face and actually makes me look alive instead of like the zombie I normally resemble.

This one was another really close one! I had the hardest time trying to choose one because I really want to do both things, but I’ve always been almost obsessively interested in marine and underwater life, it’s just an entirely different world down there! And for that reason, I’m going to go with deep sea diving!

This one was REALLY hard for me! To be perfectly honest it really depends on the day. They are both fierce and beautiful. I think I’m probably into picking a lion like 75% of the time but there is definitely a good percentage of days that I’d say I’m a wolf!

Another tough-y for me because growing up I just loved the concept of Aphrodite and to me she represented love and beauty and all the things I thought I would represent if I were a goddess. Ad then I had to become an adult and realized that Athena is more than just “athletic,” and being a warrior had a whole new meaning to me. At this point I feel like my day to day is mostly warrior work, so I’m going to have to go with Athena on this one! 🙂

XXOO Sunny