I have normal to dry skin. That’s a statement I can say easily now, knowing what I know, but let’s just talk for a minute about how I’ve never known a damn thing about skin or skincare, because I was one of “those” kids that people hate and never struggled with acne as a teen. Too bad being the envy of the crowd was short-lived in my life journey, because BAM. I got pregnant and DOUBLE BAM. My skin turned into a monster. Permanently. To stay. It never went away. Not even after that baby was born! Not even after three years of meticulous care! Not even after another babe!

I suppose it’s justice for the years I was an undeserving perfect skin queen as a teen. 😉

The point is, when I became an adult and had a huge hormonal shift (aka, the spawnling was born), my skin changed and it took me years of trial and error and research to figure out how to care for it.

The great news is, I’ve also discovered some incredible products that have done wonders for my skin, and it just wouldn’t be right to keep them to myself. I mean, I don’t need to fuel karma with a reason to come after me, right? So here we have it- a guide to the best, most effective and awesome beauty products for women with normal to dry skin types!

**This post does contain some affiliate links which means I may make a commission off anything purchased at no cost to you- but I don’t put any links to anything I don’t genuinely believe in, use, and love – and of course there’s no obligation to purchase! Thanks for your support of me and my blog!**

For every item on this list, I’ve included a brief reason WHY I feel like it’s a great product for normal to dry skin. I hope that it helps in your beauty product shopping!

Shiseido clarifying cleanser facewash  

I’ve been a heavy Shiseido user for about 4 years now and have tried a bunch of their products. By far, the most effective one for my normal to dry skin is the clarifying or the gentle cleanse wash. I don’t always get “gentle” because I feel like they either don’t work or are too oily, but in this case it’s better than the purifying cleanser alternative, which while good, tended to dry out my skin, especially around my eyes. Both cleansers really cleaned my pores out as well as an astringent without making my skin sore or red or dry afterward.

Clinique chubby stick

I was running late and desperately needed to fix my face, so my mom offered me what she had in her purse… a Clinique chubby stick in the shade voluptuous violet. I’ve never had a product that I fell in love with so quickly, that I literally went straight to Sephora within two hours of putting it on and bought not one, but TWO of them. They are a great alternative to super drying lipsticks and stains. They provide excellent moisture and have different colors that range in opaqueness from very neutral to bright and bold. Brilliant, genius product. Worth every single penny of that $18.

I did a full review on the Clinique chubby sticks that you can read here if you want more details!

Tatcha rice polish foaming enzyme powder

I first tried this in Sephora when getting a free makeover and fell in love with how it felt and how my skin felt after using it. It exfoliates all the dry skin off and helps moisturize the skin underneath. I did about choke when I saw the price because let’s be honest, most of  my life I’m a Walmart-brand-version-of-the-value-product kind of girl, but it’s absolutely worth the splurge. It’s something that has truly changed how my skin functions and has totally helped to get rid of the dry flaking skin that I’ve had for years.

IT Cosmetics CC cream

This is another product that was literally a game changer in my routine. I was looking for a foundation that had SPF in it, but couldn’t find one that didn’t either entirely dry my skin out or make it look incredibly oily. I’m someone that prefers a light-medium coverage, so I don’t want my makeup too heavy but it still needs to provide smooth coverage that isn’t smeary or oily or translucent, if that makes sense? I decided to try this one out after seeing some recommendations from beauty bloggers I follow, and I haven’t looked back or even considered trying another product.

For me, it’s the perfect amount of coverage and isn’t too drying on my normal to dry skin, and it also doesn’t look greasy. It’s more pricey than a drugstore foundation, but it’s very well-priced in terms of foundation products in general and it’s a great value for the cost you pay and the amount you get. I also like the sparkling one, but definitely feel that is more of a summer or date night look when you want really glowing skin or want to look extra fancy. I have seen they also have a matte version, although my experience tells me that foundations with the title “:matte” in it, tend to dry out my skin so I’ve stayed away from that.

Shiseido BB cream sunscreen

I hate sunscreen. I hate that it’s greasy. I hate that it gives me acne. I hate that it makes me look sweaty and my makeup doesn’t go on over it. I hate that it’s oily. But I’m extremely fairskinned and unfortunately, my hatred of it doesn’t make it less necessary. At least, I thought I hated it… until I discovered this BB cream. It’s got SPF 50 and it’s not oily or greasy at all, and it doesn’t leave you looking powdery or pale either. It has a nice natural tint that helps your skin look glowy and smooth just like a traditional BB cream would, with the added benefit of the SPF 50. It’s my go-to sunscreen and the only one I’ve found that doesn’t cause me to break out after I wear it, hence the reason it’s on my list of normal to dry skincare product favorites!

Elizavecca milky piggy carbonated bubble clay mask

I have been really interested in Korean and Japanese skincare products as a whole (have you noticed the theme?) because they seem tailored perfectly to my skin. I bought this Milky Piggy mask for fun because I thought the foaming gimmick seemed like a fun trial, but it turns out it is so much more than a gimmick! It’s great for sensitive skin and the bubbles lightly warm and make your face glowy without any sensitivity or pain, and it doesn’t dry your skin out. I don’t feel like I need a moisturizer after, but it’s still dry enough that it doesn’t leave your face oily and shiny. It’d honestly be a great one to use prior to applying makeup in my opinion, because your skin feels fresh.

Vaseline lotion

Inexpensive, very moisturizing, and scent neutral. = dream product. This is the bottle of lotion that I buy in the largest size and the whole family uses it, so it’s a great all-around body skincare product. Especially during winter months when my skin gets extra dry.

Flamingo shaving cream products

As a marketing person, I’ll be totally open in admitting that I bought this product initially because the CUTE AF PACKAGING. Trying it out though- I’ve become a dedicated Flamingo cult-ist (it’s a thing). Since trying to figure out how to care for normal to dry skin, I’ve been a victim of consistent razorburn and it’s been the worst. The thing I love about the flamingo shave cream (besides the amazing fresh sweet ocean-y smell) is that it’s moisturizing without being oily and it doesn’t clog up the razor when you’re shaving. So. Good.

PS you can buy Flamingo at Target now!

Burt’s Bees skincare makeup removing wipes

I love the all natural products because then they don’t have harsh chemicals that are known to dry out skin even more. The grapefruit scent is my favorite.

Kirkland brand wipes

These are a super cost-effective alternative to the Burt’s Bees wipes and honestly, I use them both about equally depending on what I feel like my skin needs. Or whatever’s closest, ha! These are infused with micellar water which is amazing because I feel like on top of removing makeup, they leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean. I don’t feel the need to rinse with water afterward. Plus they smell great and are gentle on the skin, without being too gentle if that makes any sense! I buy these at Costco.

Maracuja oil

I especially like this when I get my dry patches right under my eyes and in the middle of my forehead. I will get weird flakey skin that also somehow looks oily (tell me how THAT works) and this stuff always seems to refresh it on a more heavy duty level.

I love THIS one from Tarte Cosmetics.

Coconut oil

What problem does coconut oil NOT solve? From intensive moisturizing to makeup removal and more, coconut oil has so many uses as a beauty product that works incredibly effectively for normal to dry skin. See an entire article I wrote for High Style Life about uses for coconut oil in your beauty routine to get more ideas here.

Aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment

Ok so this one is not so much for normal to dry skin, but like… REALLY dry skin. I live in a desert climate and especially during the cold winter, some of my dry sections can get REALLY dry and I’ll develop eczema. It’s not a regular occurrence, but it happens a few times a year so it’s often enough that having a product to remedy the eczema on hand is necessary. Aquaphor does the trick. It’s incredibly inexpensive and works like a charm to soothe and repair the dry and damaged skin.

A humidifier

Using a humidifier, especially in extracting for your face. This is another one that is great when skin is extra dry, however I think the best use is when doing extractions. The moisture will open up your pores and help reduce pain, swelling, and scarring that can occur if you’re just picking and extracting your normal to dry skin without taking proper care.

Lush bath bombs

Especially the butterball because it’s so great for your skin. Lush uses all natural, cruelty-free products. They’re the best. You probably can tell from my hoards of bath bomb posts that I’m obsessed with Lush, so really this one shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s on the list. I find using a moisturizing bath bomb helps your skin to soak in enough moisture to prevent it from being dry, without also needing lotion afterward that will make it overly greasy.

These are all products I love and use on a VERY regular basis! I will keep updating this post as I find new products that I love for my normal to dry skin. If you have any suggestions I should try, be sure to throw them my way, send them to me on instagram, or shout them out in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

XXOO Sunny