Can we talk about the trend in interactive art museums and how freaking AWESOME it is? I’ve seen these popping up all over the place and I seriously want to go to every. single. one. Utah locals might remember last year’s exhibit, the Hall of Breakfast- we went and totally fell in love with the experience and I knew that from then on, if anything like this was within reasonable driving distance, I was buying tickets and going because the experience is SO worth it!

This year, the Dreamscapes exhibit is taking over social media and for good reason- the photo ops are spectacular! We went with Marco and Ashley (Tony’s cousin and girlfriend!) and had a blast. If you’re looking for a good reason to go, I’ll give you three:

  • Art is good for the soul. Visiting an interactive art museum allows you to open the creative side of your mind and fully immerse yourself in a creative environment. It helps boost your creative energy and makes you feel good!
  • You’ll be supporting your local community and fellow artists! All of the art is recycled material and the whole exhibit is a product of thousands of man-hours from artists around the state to pull together an experience that is truly unique.
  • Get that ‘gram- at the minimum, this place is AWESOME for photo ops!

Make sure if you want to go you buy tickets ASAP! It’s a limited-time event and would make such a fun activity with friends, as a family, or for a date! Here are some of our favorite photos from the day.

XXOO Sunny