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After a Monday like today, I am definitely ready for some Monday Sunshine, but as I sat here trying to decide which of my many post ideas I wanted to work on I just felt…. uninspired. And what do I do when I am uninspired? I end up getting distracted looking at old pictures on my computer or reading odd little articles online. It just so happens that I came across some pictures from when we went to the zoo a few days ago and I just can’t help but share them. I know probably tons of people disagree with me because zoos are always so crowded and the animals are always sleeping- but we LOVE going to the zoo. I am a dork, but I always feel this sense of wonder and amazement at seeing the animals, it is just so incredible to me how beautiful and intricately designed each creature is. Not to mention that as an artist I love color, and one of my most favoritest (yes, I know it isn’t a word!) things is seeing bright, bold colors occuring naturally within nature! I mean, so often we are surrounded by “manmade” colors that are bright and flourescent, and we usually think of colors of nature as being kind of neutral and earthy, so to spot a bright yellow flower, a hot pink flamingo, an orange tiger, etc. and experience those bright colors in nature is just my secret obsession and makes me unbelievably giddy and happy. Ok, end mushy-gushy-nature-nerd rant. So I thought that for Monday Sunshine I would just share with you some of my favorite photos we have taken at our zoo and I hope they bring a little smile to your eyes! (ok, so Tony took most of them. Or all of them. Benefits of having a more talented husband than me!)

Check out my husband’s website here and his youtube channel here! Instagram: @Juiceboxtony

t.sol rhinos t.sol lion t.sol leopard t.sol sealion t.sol elephant

t.sol jellyfishe
ok, so technically this was taken at the aquarium a couple of months ago, but I accidentally uploaded it and then decided I wanted to keep it on here because come on….how gorgeous are these jellies??

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