Dia De Los Muertos makeup is one of our favorite traditions to do with Sydney, this is our third year doing it!

To be honest, I still can’t believe we’ve already gotten to this point in the year again, I feel like we were doing last year’s makeup just a few weeks ago! And it always shocks me how much she’s changed from the time we did her very first Dia De Los Muertos makeup look.

This year is actually kind of a funny backstory. The look we photographed here is actually the SECOND look for the year. The first time I gave it a try, it came out SO BAD!!

Like… so bad.

We had decided to seet my brother and his wife at the pumpkin patch, and at the last minute decided to do the Dia De Los Muertos makeup photos there. But I realized I didn’t have any paint and was running late, so I had to buy it on the way.

When we got there, the sun was setting way earlier than we expected, and of course I had forgotten a paintbrush so I was trying to go fast as not to miss the sun for photos, but also was only using my fingers.

Total. Fail. Haha. We got out to take photos, it was freezing, and the paint looked terrible (sorry, little one!) so we scrapped it. Then I decided to try again a few days later, this time with a real paint brush and no time limit- so much better!

It just goes to show that sometimes you need to make sure you have the right tools and allow yourself enough time if you want to get a job done right!

Enough with the backstory though, let’s talk about the makeup!

I just used three colors this year, obviously black, white, and red. I am still learning so much about the Dia De Los Muertos celebration and the culture, but I wanted to really represent something more sweet and feminine this time so I went for a kind of floral design around the outer edges of the eyes. Then I echoed it in the design on the forehead.

I actually didn’t plan on adding any kind of flower to the cheeks, but I messed up on a black line too badly to fix without removing all of the paint, so I improvised and I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

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Tony of course took charge with the photography portion of the project, and my daughter kept looking in the mirror and truly felt beautiful. I love that I get to help my children celebrate this beautiful part of their culture!

XX Sunny