This “dark Disney” inspired makeup actually came to me as a stroke of inspiration after seeing Brittany Ostofe’s post (she did Ariel!) and my other friend Brittanny’s post (who did Belle!) for their dark Disney collaboration.

Really I just wanted to invite myself to the collab they did and do a look myself, since I love Disney makeup tutorials and looks! So then I had to choose who to be, and I decided pretty quickly that Queen Elsa could be really fun as a frostbitten version.

My hair has been pretty brassy and dark lately so I brightened it up with some purple toner shampoo from The Beachwaver Co. (thanks Beachwaver! Couldn’t have done it without you!!) and we were set to go!

P.S. – if you’re a blonde- you definitely need their BRB shampoo, the results are insanely good! You can check their products out here and if you use the code GOODVIBES you’ll get a free set of the Good Vibes shampoo and conditioner as well!

Thankfully, I had an old bottle of foundation that I bought in WAY the wrong color, it was really, really light! So I used it to kind of wash out my face and then I used a combination of purples, reds, and black eyeshadow on my face to give it the frostbite effect.

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I’m definitely not a pro, but this look only took me about ten minutes to complete so WINNING.

I totally don’t have an Elsa outfit to wear, not even a kids costume I could try to wrap around myself! So I had to get creative and found this tulle skirt and just kind of wrapped it around my chest for the photos haha. That’s how it goes around here… never prepared and always just finding a janky, ghetto way of making it work. Ha!

It was so much fun to work on though! I totally want to do it again, who should I do next??

XXOO Sunny

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