I’ve really been loving super feminine, kind of boho looking styles lately and what better thing to share today on Mother’s Day than a look that’s ultra feminine and sweet? 🙂 Credit goes to my 5 year old for helping me do this style and take some of the photos. Haha I didn’t have access to my usual photographer (you’re failing, husband!) for this so I took advantage of my 5 year old’s skills, and I only found 32 selfies of her in the whole group! 😉


Brush your hair through and make sure it is as tangle free as possible, this keeps the sections from tangling and makes it smoother as you braid


Spray either some dry shampoo or some texture spray through your hair to give it some texture. This will help it stick and hold itself together without the crunchy stiffness of hairspray. This style is also great for when you have greasy hair so having some dry shampoo hides that as well, ha! Not that I’d know, I never go days on end without washing my hair……….. 😉

I really love the Aussie dry shampoo and hairspray because it is so dang cost friendly and smells great, plus it works really well!


Start with your hair parted to one side, then take a section of hair and split it into three parts.


Now it’s time to start dutch braiding your hair. Take one of the side sections and cross it UNDER the middle section, then you’ll take the other side and again cross it UNDER the middle section. Essentially you’re just doing a normal braid pattern but crossing UNDER the middle, rather than over. 🙂

Each time you cross under, grab a little bit of extra hair that wasn’t part of the original three sections as you go along to hold your braid in place (basically French braiding, but still crossing UNDER)


Continue to braid your hair in this fashion and work your way down the side and around the back of your head, continuing to pull in extra hair bit by bit as you braid. When I first tried this style it took me a couple of tries because it feels a little awkward trying to do the back around your head if you’re not used to braiding, but you get the knack of it in no time.

Once you get to about the backside of your ear (after wrapping all the way around), you’ll want to make sure ALL the rest of the remaining hair is pulled into the braid and finish out the braid like a normal three strand braid, continuing to cross UNDER. This keeps the braid consistent.


Use a small, clear elastic to tie off your braid. Then you’ll take your braid and wrap it OVER the top of your head, overlaying it slightly in FRONT of where the braid starts. You will want to hide the end of your braid just underneath the other braid and secure with a bobby pin.


Gently start to pull apart your braid, slightly tugging each of the sections to make them wider and more full. This gives the illusion of a thicker braid and helps to cover up any imperfections and hides the end of the braid easier. I love how a pulled-apart braid looks, sometimes I think I might pull it apart TOO much even because I really like it to look a little unkempt and messy, but you can do it as much or as little as you want!


Pull out any loose strands to frame your face and either use a small barrel curling iron or your fingers to give them a little bit of a wave and curl.


Finally, secure your braid with some pins if you need additional support anywhere, and then set your whole look with a medium hold spray. Again, I really love the Aussie aerosol hairspray.

XXOO Sunny